Nº 150



We welcome 2017 with a very special issue, nothing but the 150. A very nice number, not only for the figure that represents and the years that it supposes, but also for the content, always dedicated to the emerging creative culture: Fashion, art, photography, design, music, fooding ... You will find it in newsstands and concept stores. We hope that you will open your eyes wide when you see this cover shot by photographer Paco Peregrín.

Fashion Editorials


This issue has 10 inspiring fashion editorials shot in Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Barcelona and Amsterdam. In them we have great talents of fashion photography and styling: Paco Peregrín, Javier de Juanas, Leonardo Leonardo, Mario Villé, Markus Rico, Seila Sin Hache, Miky Diéz, Patty Cereijo, Sebastián Troncoso, Ninette Schostack, Alberto Saguar, Laura Leal, Laia Gómez, Lucía Carmona, Fernando Gómez ...



From Singapore comes this new fashion firm. Max Tan is his creator, a young designer of 32 years who knows the secret to success: balance commercial viability and creative exercise. In this issue 150 we are behind  the creative talent of another young Spanish creator: Miguel López.

Masquespacio interview


We pay tribute to one industrial and furniture design studio in Valencia that is putting upside down the creative panorama of the sector in Spain. We talk about Masquespacio, a creative team formed by a Colombian and a Belgian: Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Their hallmark : lots of color and a New Memphis style.

MM House


We have selected one of the three winning projects in the World Architecture Festival 2106. It is a single-family house with maximum energy efficiency. It is called Casa MM and is signed by Ohlab, an architectural studio run by Paloma Herniaz and Jaime Oliver. A house that has also been the winner of prizes such as the Nan of architecture and construction or the American Architecture Prize 2016.

Strange Beauty


In natural and often hostile landscapes, hotels with prefab modular architectural techniques spring up. They are eco-conscious luxury hotels that claim space beyond the big cities. In this broad article we show you a significant representation of this new hotel concept.

Ryan McGinley


We managed to interview one of the reference photographers of the moment. No other than Ryan McGinley. We took advantage of the fact that he was coming to Spain to open an exhibition curated by Alex Brahim and Mario Martín Pareja in La Térmica (Málaga): Yearbook, a new exhibition in our country with hundreds of portraits of naked models in the best McGinley style.

Neo Art


In this issue we interview the Venezuelan artist Sol Calero, and Karmelo Bermejo from Malaga. We also highlight some of the most relevant exhibitions on the international art scene. For example, the British Terry Haggerty , and we present the birth of a new art fair in Madrid: Hybrid.

The monstrous beauty of trees


We expose a sample of the series Alberi, a collection of more than 100 images created by the artist Andrea Savini. All photos are atypical views of trees. Each has been taken from a bird's eye view  through sophisticated technological solutions. A project where the poetry of art and science is mixed.

Kaydy Cain


He is one of the top leaders of the revolution that lives the hip hop world currently in Spain. Julio Paniagua was able to photograph him exclusively for Neo2. You can also see the wonderful video making of the session on Youtube. Rapper, rag and a little punk, Kaydy Cain also gave us an interview. A character to follow.


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