Nº 151

March-April 2017


23 years ago, the creative studio Ipsum Planet had a daughter, a magazine. At first they named it Neomania, later renamed as Neo2. It was very small, pocket-sized format. Little by little the pages grew, and also, the colors came out. She always liked trends, especially anticipating them. Now she has just reached a new symmetric number: the 151. A few months before, she had a boyfriend . The design studio Naranjo-Etxeberria asked Ipsum Planet for the girl's hand. After much reflection on it, the creature's parents gave the go-ahead. The admirer had 2 Laus Awards in editorial design. They could get their hands on the layout. And so they did, started with the logo and ended up on the spine. The result is already in the newstands. Neo2 is very happy with this new relationship. We hope readers will also see it with a favourable light. Who has something to say, speak now or remain silent forever . You can send us your opinions to We hope that the contents and the images of the 151 grab the attention.

Neo Housing

In the interiors section of this issue we highlight: The innovative ceramics of Elena Salmistraro and Romina Gris; The new editions of Mad Lab, sustainable author productions; And Baltic, a new space in Madrid for lovers of good design.

Neo Art

Interview with M Reme Silvestre about his latest installation: Skype-Pilates, hyperventilated muscles and synthetic materials; Cristina Garrido and his first exhibition in Germany; Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa tells us about his next show at Artium; Talk with Amalia Pica about art as language; The Art Denim, a new artistic movement led by Ian Berry.

Neo Fashion

We interviewed: Daniel W. Fletcher, one of the LVMH Awards nominees; Outsiders Division, novelty on the Ego catwalk; El Guincho, musician and producer involved in a new fashion project, the Samsung Ego Innovation Project. We highlight: the new adidas Originals, the EQT collection, and the prints signed by Pharrell Williams for G-Star.

Neo Music

C.Tangana and Sticky M.A tell us about their team project Agorazein (AGZ), the band of the year. We also interviewed: BFlecha, one of the key names in national electronics, and other important names in the international music scene: Sleaford Mods or Future Islands. And, of course, Rosalia on the cover.

Home page: Rosalía

Exclusive session with the name revelation of the "new Spanish song": Rosalia. Photos in which the artist exposes her personality and particular style, conceptual reflection of the sound of her first album recently released: Los Angeles. Discover her charismatic personality through the interview of Nadia Leal.

Neo Technology

In this symmetric number we emphasize the ambivalence of the hybrids of Skagen: apparently classic watches with soul of smartwatches. We also have an interesting interview with Nuria Oliver, expert in technology trends, senior engineer in telecommunications and doctor in intelligence of perception.

Art Progress

The Astronaut Wellness, or reflections signed by Mit Borrás on the contemporary relationship between art and sports from the works of artists such as Débora Delmer, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Raphael Zarka, Allora & Calzadilla.

New Jaime Hayón

Jaime Hayón opens in his hometown, Madrid, one of the most important interior design projects of his career: the Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid, a space that occupies the first 9 floors of the building that in 1957 was erected as a symbol of Madrid's modernity.


We interviewed the designer who is revolutionizing the national menswear with his personal fusion of a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan style based on the traditional British and Italian tailoring. Inside images of his spring summer 2017 collection.

Fashion Editorials

40 pages with 5 inspiring editorials of boy and girl fashion, where we discover multiple proposals among which the collaboration of artists Jake & Dinos Chapman for Louis Vuitton. In addition to discovering the personal style of C. Tangana, Rosalia, Avellaneda and the Muro Exe shoes through 5 important national influencers.


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