Portada de Neo2 #175. en la foto Trueno
Portada de Neo2 #175. en la foto Martina Cariddi
Portada de Neo2 #175. en la foto Lucy McRae

Nº 175



We entered fall with thunder and lightning. Well yes, our cover stars are a thunderclap and 2 twinkling stars. The first one resonates strongly in the hip hop music scene, is the Argentine rapper Mateo Nazareno Palacios Corazzina, as known as Trueno. And twinkling we have 2 stars, one from the cinematographic world. and the other from the art world. Martina Cariddi is the Spanish actress who shines on our screens as one of the main characters of Elite. And the one that shines in museums and galleries with her own science fiction visions is the Australian artist Lucy McRae. Beyond the covers, we find interesting remodeling projects, both in architecture and fashion, photographic reports with styles of all kinds... We also talk about wines, cryptocurrencies ... We interview musicians such as María Sioke, Danny L Harle, Miranda, Tainy , Silvana Estrada, Ryoichy Kurokawa, Polo & Pan…

Radical Home


The Day After House is a home renovation project very different from others you have seen so far. It incorporates ideas such as the communal bedroom as a modern “hórreo”, the distribution of rooms through a concept of layers, or the differentiation of a summer area and a winter area.

Fashion photography


In this issue we travel between 2 extreme worlds. On the one hand we have fantasy exercises, some in a dreamlike tone, others in a science fiction way. And on the other hand, realistic fashion to live the day enjoying the trends.



We take advantage of the Spanish tour of the Argentine rapper to interview and photograph him exclusively with the best looks in streetwear fashion. During the interview, the musician tells us about his beginnings, his evolution and his emotional ties to another Argentine mega star Nicki Nicole.

Natural Wines


From provocation and punk rebellion to maturity that leads to the pursuit of balance and refinement. It is about recovering forgotten varieties, respecting crafts, venerating the land and nature, handling little ...

Martina Cariddi


We enjoy a lot the photoshoot with Martina Cariddi. Her sympathy and her self-confidence in front of the cameras conquered us. She is now one of the stars of the Netflix Elite series, but we predict that other important titles will come very soon.

Soliman López


We have also spoken with Soliman López, the contemporary artist from Burgos specialized in art, science, sociology and technology about his project OLEA, a cryptocurrency and parallel universe of entropic order.

Lucy McRae


Lucy McRae is the science fiction artist and pioneer in blurring the limits of art, architecture, technology, design and fashion who has become another of our cover stars in this new issue. We chatted with her for she to explain us a little more about her curious creative universe.

Music Interviews


In this number we do reach the perfect note when it comes to musical interviews. We have María Sioke with exclusive photos, Danny L Hale, one of the fathers of hyperpop, Miranda, Tainy, Silvana Estrada, Ryoichy Kurokawa and Polo & Pan.

Real Madrid


Adidas presents the highest fashion version of the Real Madrid sports uniforms. It is a proposal inspired by the Real Madrid third kit uniform made in collaboration with the designer Manuel Mourentan.

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