Neo2 173 - foto de revista Neo2 número 173, en la portada se ve a la cantante y actriz Lali en cunclillas y con un bate de beisbol
Neo2 173 - foto de revista Neo2 número 173, en la portada se ven 2 modelos chica y chico con zapatillas crocs
Neo2 173 - foto de revista Neo2 número 173, en la portada se ve a la actriz Macarena García caminando con un bolso de color rosa

Nº 173



The most avant-garde content is back, this time, prepared with more affection than ever (if possible) because summer is here, and therefore, good weather. For this occasion we have new cover stars with their respective interviews and editorials Made in Neo2. This time the Argentine actress and singer Lali Espósito, the Spanish actress Macarena García have come to visit us and also, we launched a special cover together with Crocs, as the top shoe brand for your most groundbreaking looks during this summer 2021. How do you feel about it? Will you stay if I tell you that this is just the tip of the iceberg? In the depths of the new number 173 we also chat with Diego Martín whose conversation you can enjoy along with some photographs by the photographer Rafa Gallar and the styling and creative direction of Javier de Juanas; editorials, interviews with the most cutting-edge musicians of the moment, designers, artists ... We have even escaped to Lanzarote to shoot an editorial with the photographer José Morraja and we have also invited the visual creator who plays to erase the line between design and art Andrés Reisinger. We do not tell you everything here because we prefer that you discover it yourself through the pages of this new issue that welcomes summer at the cutting edge.

Witiza House by Beatriz Alés


The historic Colonia Tercio y Terol, located in the Madrid district of Carabanchel, has 640 single-family homes. One of them is Casa Witiza, a small building of 70m2 that has been updated by a young Spanish architect Beatriz Alés, the result is a house with great personality.

Diego Martín


A great actor who does both comedy and drama. We can check it in this editorial where he plays a Parisian artist of the avant-garde of the twentieth century. And to get into the role, he chose the Dior Men Fall 2021 collection. And he did it perfect. Now you will also see him in Elite, he is the new director.



“Is the queen of the street… Lali the light, small and fast. Pure dynamite” Tha’s how Lali describes herself in La Ligera, one of the songs of her latest album. But Lali Esposito is much more than that. Argentine singer and actress, a star since she was a child. His latest hype, the TV serie Sky Rojo for Netflix.

Josep Vila Capdevila


We interview the Catalan designer and he also explains his latest collection "Vestigios" that includes a disparity of product types: ceramic masks, tables, lamps, chandeliers, mirrors ... there are unique and limited editions, in addition the materials used are the most varied: ceramic, marble, glass, iron, wood or resin.

Braun and Good Design


We all know the German brand Braun, but not many know that it is one of the companies that has contributed the most to the world of design. Dieter Rams has been a key designer in Braun's history, he was the author of many of the brand's iconic products. In this issue we celebrate his anniversary by creating photographic still lifes comparing some of his mythical products with their new versions.

Fashion Editorials


Double shooting. The Barcelona team has produced a conceptual story under the title “la chambre eclairee!, 10 representations of small scenes as if they were contemporary tableux vivant. The Madrid team traveled to Lanzarote to shoot this wonderful island and also one of its emblematics hotels: The Melia Salinas of Diego Manrique.

Macarena Garcia


Another of our cover stars is Macarena García. The Spanish actress and singer whose promising professional career began with nothing more and nothing less than with a Goya for Best Actress for her role as Carmen in the film Snow White in 2012. Now she defends one of the main roles of paradise, a fantastic series set in 1992 so nostalgic as well as entertaining that may well seem like a kind of Spanish Stranger Things. Premieres on June 4 at Movistar +.

Los Javis


As you know, Los Javis are 2 multidisciplinary creatives and one of their passions is fashion. This love has been materialized in the creation of their own clothing brand: As If Clothing. And now, Zalando, the great fashion and lifestyle platform, has noticed this small emerging brand and is launching a collaboration that we present to you for the first time.



We chatted with Aggtelek, the group of artists formed by Gema Perales and Xandro Vallès committed to the ideas of their time. For them life is art and art is life, and they express it with overwhelming vitality through their works. Works that show a domesticity of the artistic where the comic becomes a personal narrative and bad taste in something very dignified. That is why they reexamine, reinterpret, alter and appropriate everything that falls into their hands...

Music Interviews


In this issue we have divided our pages between established artists and emerging new talents. In the first group we hace Javiera Mena who presents a new EP; and Camela, the historical duo of techno-rumba. And, in the second group, Mafalda as the aristocrat of pop; and Baiuca with his electronic muñeiras, galician folk music.



Editorial dedicated to fans of trendy comfortable footwear. One of the most iconic brand in this movement is Crocs. Their clogs are a pop icon and characters as fashionable as Bad Bunny have fallen in love with them. We have done a styling exercise so you can see some of the possibilities in fashion.



We present some exclusive photographs of the young Sevillian designer Nicolás Montenegro, the new young promise of Spanish fashion who has made his debut as an independent designer during the last edition of Madrid Fashion Week with his collection "El Aaiún." We have also been able to speak with him so that tell us a little about your brilliant journey, which highlights your time at the Italian house Dolce & Gabbana among many other achievements ...

Andrés Reisinger


"Playing at being an artist is great, but living being an artist is very difficult", Andrés Reisinger tells us in this interview. We chat with the Argentine digital artist based in Barcelona from NFTs, about the creation of 3D images or his Hortensia chair that has begun to be produced by the Dutch brand Moooi.

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