Nº 180

July – August


We arrived at newsstands with our issue 180. An ideal summer issue to put in your suitcase and take with you on vacation wherever you go. You have reading for the whole summer. Interviews with musicians, actresses, artists, architects, designers... Important names on the contemporary cultural scene such as Milena Smit, María Becerra, Lola Rodríguez, Melanie Bonajo, Taichu, Vistoo, Kutarq, Conan Gray, Cazzu, Hugo Deverchère... A special on the Venice Biennale, another about Mexico Design Fair… Fashion and furniture editorials… Just wishing you that they don't charge you excess baggage if you go by plane.

Milena Smit


The young actress is one of our covers, one of the biggest names in our most recent cinema. After “No Matarás” and “Madres Paralelas”, we eagerly await their new releases: “Alma”, “La Chica de Nieve” and “Libélulas”.

Venice Biennale


At the 59th Venice Art Biennale, 30 collateral events and 80 national pavilions can be visited until November 27. Almost all the exhibitions recall the importance of creativity and social awareness.

María Becerra


She is “la nena de Argentina”, one of the biggest names in Latin pop. We take advantage of her “Animal” tour to interview her and shoot a superb fashion editorial. And, of course, it's also cover.

Lunar Objects


The new home design collection created by the Valencian studio Kutarq wants to move us to a new space. A place where small objects orbit and define the character of the modern domestic habitat.

Hugo Deverchere


His work questions the concept of nature through experiments and narratives on the landscape, proposing approaches, both fictional and scientific, where the human presence is conspicuous by its absence.

Melanie Bonajo


Intimacy workshops, touch sessions and claiming otherness as a value of authentic feminism to tear down systems of oppression, shape the aesthetic world of the digital ecofeminist Melanie Bonajo.

Lola Rodríguez


She is one of the most heard and respected voices of the LGTBIQ+ collective in Spain, and also she is one of the brightest young actresses in our country. We discovered her in “Veneno”, later in “Poliamor para principiantes”, “Bienvenidos a Eden”, and soon in “Vestida de Azul”.



When we hear the word builder or builder, something very far from a glamorous concept usually comes to mind. Vistto is a construction studio that just wants to change that perception.



The editorials in this issue go from summer to autumn, with all kinds of settings and fashion and furniture proposals. We have furnished photo studios, we have gone from Picnic to Arnedo, also to the coast of Lanzarote, to the lakes of Madrid, even to the clouds.



MDF, or what is the same Mexico Design Fair, has celebrated this year its second edition on the Pacific coast of Puerto Escondido. It is an intimate, different and manageable event lasting 3 days.

Home Sweet Come


An editorial in which furniture and fashion merge in the images created by the Antártica photography duo. Minimalist home design scenes where light and models bring serenity and relaxation.



The designer and architect Guillermo Trapiello is in charge of revitalizing a new creative space in the center of Madrid. Its offer includes: work and meeting spaces, laboratories, exhibition halls, activities, workshops and conferences.



We have interviews with artists of all genres and nationalities. From the United States, Conan Gray, Gia Woods and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs; from Argentina, María Becerra, Cazzu and Taichu; from Spain, Shanghai Baby. Hit play!

Typography: Fronda

Designed by Alex Monzó