Nº 179



Neo2 number 179 is starring by 3 Spanish stars of Spanish music and cinema: Dora, Bárbara Lennie and Belén Aguilera. A very complete issue whose symbology also tells us about the world of intuition, inviting us to always keep an open mind. Cinema, music, art, fashion, gastronomy, design and architecture are some of the reference keys of this paper edition.

Mas Vell


On the shores of the Mediterranean, in the town of El Masnou, Catalonia, we find the new Mas Vell restaurant. The Stefano Colli architecture studio has adapted the farmhouse to its new use, thus writing a new chapter in the more than 500 year history of this emblematic construction.



Feid, Mau & Ricky, Fontaines, Pablo Chille-e, Dorian, Menead, Flaccosucio, Ner, Tomás Roca, Dora or Belén Aguilera are the artists who stand out in this issue full of music: from urban to pop rock, including reggaeton. A lot of Spanish and Latin artists who freak out.



The daughter of Bimba Bosé and Diego Postigo has just turned 18, and not only does she release her first EP, she also premieres her first film as her main character. And she is directed by none other than Paco León. Her music defines her as a Frankenstein of various genres.

Metal Works


We make a selection of new designs in the world of furniture and lighting. They are seats and lamps, which in addition to having suggestive and clean shapes, are made of a solid, robust and almost perpetual material such as metal.

Bárbara Lennie


Right now he is on stage with Los Farsantes, a play that talks about the world of acting and cinema. We will also see her on the screen with Los Renglones Torcidos de Dios, a film with which she may once again be nominated for a Goya.

Ana Alenso


We talk with Venezuelan artist Ana Alenso about her critical and cohesive artistic practice that emerges from the voracious “petro-state” from which she comes, ecocide in the Capitalocene era, and extractivist processes that cause slow-moving violence that is increasingly visible.

Gastronomic Trends


An investigative article on what is to come in the world of gastronomy. We spoke with experts such as Matoses (Borja Beneyto), Rodrigo Varona (Brandelicious consultant), Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz) and regard to interior design, with Javier Abio (Neo2).



Fashion is everywhere. In all the interviews we have conducted in this issue. With Dora, Belén Aguilera, Olivia Baglivi, Bárbara Lennie, Menend, Flaccosucio, Ner, Tomás Roca… In addition to editorials such as the special Louis Vuitton or This Will be My Home.

Belén Aguilera


We achieved our dream of having her on the cover of Neo2, and she fulfilled another of hers: singing alongside Alicia Keys on her European tour. A dream after two albums, the second Superpop where she presents us her new image.

Louis Vuitton


Outdoor es nuestro pequeño homenaje al legado que Virgil Abloh dejó, no solo, en la gran Maison francesa, Louis Vuitton, sino también en la cultura de la moda en general, incidiendo sobre todo en las nuevas generaciones.

Art and ecology


We reflect on the transformation of the current relationship between the artist and nature that has resulted from environmental degradation. A fact that has generated a type of art that claims the protection of the environment and natural wealth.



The Mayrit design festival arrives again this June but converted into a biennial of Architecture and Design. Madrid will be the stage to host exhibitions, talks, workshops and performances. We talked to its director Miguel Leiro so he can tell us all the details.

Olivia Baglivi


She comes from the theater, from a Uruguayan father, from a Madrid mother, from Italian grandparents... And now she also appears in the cinema. Very soon you will see her in Las Niñas de Cristas y Libélulas. And we will see her again in the theater with La Gaviota or her Hijos De.

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