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Against all odds, facing all the difficulties that the bloody pandemic causes for the production of powerful photographic stories, we have achieved a historical number. The first of winter 2020 and that this time is starred by three very powerful male characters. Two actors and a singer: Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Alejandro Speitzer and Don Patricio. Always with the most extreme security measures, we have climbed on rooftops, traveled to the Mediterranean coast, and spent many hours in front of the computer retouching, writing and editing... It has been strong, intense, hard, at times, but the result has been worth it. We want to thank everyone who has made it possible: photographers, stylists, editors, make-up artists, hairdressers, models, retouchers, showrooms, brands, hotels, hostels, sets, designers, curators, drivers... To all, thank u very mutch. We hope you enjoy it now.

Best Home Design 2020


In this year that is ending, we have missed many things, including trips to international fairs. In this article we take a virtual trip around the world to stay with the best home design products launched this year.

Sustainable Singing


In this issue we want to give voice to the most powerful sustainable fashion proposals. That is why we have brought together 2 important names in Spanish pop music, Ana Perrote from the band Hinds and Recycled J. We have dressed them with the most ecological collection of Levi’s to date. Will it be the beginning of a duet?

Don Patricio


The Canarian star of Latin music is one of the main characters of the covers of this issue, with also 12 pages of interior report. A special issue where the musician not only details his entire career, but also tells us about his upcoming releases. An interview in which he even explains why he is a fan of online shopping at Zalando.

10 Best Projects 2020


A selection of the best architecture projects of 2020. They are not the most spectacular projects, nor the most expensive. They are works that have captivated us for their innovation, delicacy, technology, originality or heritage preservation. And yes, there are many homes.

Miguel Angel Silvestre


It is the great name of Spanish cinema. He’s rocking it. He stars in the latest by Álex de la Iglesia for HBO, “30 Monedas”. Also Sky Rojo by Álex Pina for Netflix. And on top of that, he gets into the cast of the new season of “La Casa de Papel”. Is he or is he not the fashionable man at the moment? That's why we dress him in the best way, the Dior Men winter collection.

Small conversations


Aside from the long interviews in this issue, we've also had very interesting little conversations with music people like Delaporte, Mourn and Maria José Llergo. In addition, we have spoken with the Valencian fashion designer from Sunday Morning, and with Safu, the famous urban dancer from Pamplona.

Alexander Speitzer


This time the title character is not a Spanish artist. It is the Mexican actor Alejandro Speitzer. An interpreter who made a double impact on us. First for his acting skills in “Alguien tiene que morir”, secondly for his natural charisma in the fashion photo shoot where he defends all kinds of styles, from New Balance to Boss.

Andres Galeano


We interview Andrés Galeano, a Catalan post-photographer (or photographer without a camera) between Berlin and Barcelona who defends the reflection on existing photography in the face of existing overproduction. That is why he works with anonymous amateur photographs, both analog and digital, through which he questions the congestion of visual stimuli which we are subjected.

Iconic Sneakers


We have dedicated an entire editorial to one of the most spectacular shoes of the season. They have captivated us by their relationship with one of the mythical films of our adolescence, the movie “Tiburón”. And it is that the Loubishark slippers from Christian Louboutin are inspired by the teeth of these aquatic beings. The coolest thing we've seen in time.

Fashion Sessions


Two great teams star in the fashion editorials of this issue. On the one hand, José Morraja and Javier de Juanas, who traveled to Cabo de Palos to see other horizons outside the city. And, on the other hand, Biel Capllonch with Fermín and Gilles makes us fall in love again with a dreamlike story where accessories are always on our mind.

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