(Español) Nº 170

September October


Neo2 returns to newsstands with an historic number in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. For reasons beyond our control, during the quarantine we were unable to make photographic productions. During this impasse we have been 1000% committed to the Neo2 website, with more updates than ever. But now we return stronger than ever with a very powerful printed number to inaugurate autumn-winter 2020 season. And with 2 representative covers of the new pop that is being made in Spain. And as always with the disruptive graphic design of Yarza Twins. You will find the number in the coolest newsstands, although you can also get it in the Neo2 online store. We are delighted to send it to you.

The Last Party


At the end of last winter we said goodbye to the season with a big party. We didn’t know that it would be the last in many months. That is why we now remember it with special emotion and now share it with all of you in an extensive photographic report.

Interview with Arquitectura G


It is one of the Spanish architecture studios with the most personality of the moment. They have a powerful common language in all their projects. They dominate all the scales and the hierarchies of the spaces are questioned. It is a project founded more than 12 years old by 2 Basques and 2 Catalans who was born in Barcelona.

Lola Índigo


With this cover and interview we honor the Spanish artist for her year 2020 full of successes and international collaborations. These are her latest hits from Lola Indigo: High remix with María Becerra and Tini; 4 Besos with Rauw Alejandro and Lalo Ebratt, Trendy with Rvfv, Lento RMX with Boro Boro and MamboLosco, Mala Cara, Santeria with Danna Paola and Denise Rosenthal.

Music Interviews


Apart from the protagonists of the covers, in the September issue of Neo2 we have other important figures of international music. From the United States, we introduce you to vox; from England, Christopher McCrory; and from Spain, 2 rising values that you must keep an eye on them: Sofia Coll and Albany.

Paula Cendejas


She is one of the representatives of the Spanish New Pop. She started under the production of Alizzz, the musician behind many of the successes of Spanish music in the last decade. Paula Cendejas launches her new single with Mexican artist Girl Ultra in mid-September: Ojos Negros. And during 2020 she has presented hits with C. Tangana (Como Habla una Mujer) and Feid (Gotitas al Viento).

Fashion Editorials


The whole number breathes fashion. But 3 are the editorials where fashion design are the absolute protagonists. At Look @ Chanel we present the most iconic silhouettes from the Chanel eyewear collection. At Back to Black we honor the color black as an emblem of cult fashion. At Two Guys On Set we reflect the main trends in men's urban fashion.

Desigual x María Escoté


We interviewed María Escoté, one of the television faces of Maestros de la Costura. The designer has just signed a collaboration with one of the leading Spanish brands in international fashion. We are talking about Desigual. In the interview, the collaborative designer tells us all the secrets of this urban, floral and kawaii proposal.

Vermouth bars in Madrid


Neighborhood vermouth bars, deluxe vermouth bars. Centennial bars with tin bar, tiles and bullfighting decoration. Bars that live a new life like modern taverns. This is our vermouth route through Madrid.

Furnished Bodies


The photographers Nerea López and María de Miguel de Antártica are responsible, together with the style of Gema Martin and Javier Lozoya, from this fantastic editorial. Images that mix the latest in home design with fashion.



In the pages of this September issue of Neo2 you will find 4 interviews with young fashion designers that you have to know yes or yes. Tom Van der Borght is an old friend of Neo2 and a paradigm of absolute freedom of creation. Jessan Macatangay represents the latest generation of concept creators. And as national representatives, we interviewed SiiGii for her disruptive creations and Georgiela José, standard-bearer of independent fashion.

Marlon de Azambuja


We interviewed the Brazilian artist Marlon de Azambuja. To unravel the infinity of references of his creative imagery, both formal and historical. Through the pieces he creates across all spheres of creation, he launches powerful poetic messages at the same time that he gives physical form to all his thoughts. Don't miss his interventions with ordinary materials in public spaces.

Typography: Arose

Designed by Celia Fernández González