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Nº 153



We present the synopsis of NEO2 Summer issue, a sample with which you can refresh yourself physically and intellectually in many ways. On the one hand, its contents including the page-in have been designed to reset your hard drive with new creative references. There is a bit of everything: art, fashion, design, food, interior design, photography, music ... And, if necessary, during the most torrid days of this Summer season, you can use it as a fan. It is one of the virtues of being a physical magazine on paper. Anyway, you can also continue to take a dip in the online version of Neo2.

Fashion Interplanetary


We introduce you to ERP, a group of engineers and Spanish creatives launching the first collection designed for an interplanetary journey. In addition, we focus on streetwear, customization, pink, millinery and a thousand other things.

Housing Past-Future


AceboXalonso presents us Pontejos 9, a decadent dwelling of the 20 century adapted to 21. In relation to the ruin concept, we also highlight the collection of luminaires Studio La Cube . And with your eyes on the future, we recommend the expo. “3D.Print the World ".

StreetWear Mad Cool Walk


During these months we have done many things. Among them ,we curated Mad Cool Walk, the first streetwear catwalk in Spain. The first edition was held in early July at the Mad Cool festival with 18 young brands.

Art Things & Noises


In this issue we traveled from the sculptures in public spaces of Skulptur Projekte Münster to the sounds of Ephesian Gardens in Portugal or the audiovisual project of Ewa and Jacek Doroszenko, passing through the physical metaphors of Nona Inescu.

Editorials Fusion Trends


5 fashion editorials shot between Madrid, Barcelona and Paris. A fusion of trends led by such designers as Javier de Juanas, Mario Villé, Roxane Mercerat or Andrea de Saint Andrieu, and photographers like Jesús Leonardo, Paco Peregrín, Amilcar Lusinchi, Vincent Urbano or Allan Schaefer.

Music Multi Genres


Apart from arty sounds, in this issue we also have interviews with musicians of the most varied types: Marika Hackman, the grunge guitar girl who has nothing to do with Joni Mitchel; Resident with his first solo project; Olubenga Adelekan dj, producer ... and also bassist of Metronomy.

Max Enrich Aesthetic Rude


In love with the work of this young designer of 30 years, we take the opportunity to talk with him about themes as diverse as design art, production, interior design, decoration ... and leaves us with jewels like "we have already spent the time of the Swedish sobriety of Pinterest and Ikea tables ".

Gastro Porn Food


The main article in this section is devoted to eroticism in gastronomy. That is, eating with your eyes through social networks, or the art of digital plated. The visual like vs. the gustatory like. We also have started to drink champagne with ice and to balance our electrolytic levels.

SoundDreaming Acoustic Memory


We chatted with Polish artists Ewa and Jacek Doroszenko about their latest audiovisual project. A very interesting conversation about soundscapes, psychoacoustics, atmospheres, marine organs, plugins, people, Poland, colors, buzzing, beeps and sun protection.

Famous Public Characters


They aren´t more important than other creators interviewed for this issue, but perhaps they are more popular. For example, we interviewed and photographed Eduardo Casanova, Alfonso Bassave, Ana Polvorosa, Macarena Gómez and, also, Anna Ponsa, with her we even discussed the meaning of "public persona".


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