neo2 167, foto de revista con Natalia en portada
neo2 167, foto de revista con La Mala en portada

Nº 167



This Neo2 167 issue is full of surprises. Because we continue with our 25th anniversary and, because in Neo2 we always like to surprise everyone. We have two super women on the cover this time. In the first place Mala Rodriguez, who established herself as one of the rappers with the most sales in Spain that never ceases to surprise us hit after hit. Then there is Natalia Lacunza, a young woman from Pamplona who began her career to fame in Operation Triunfo show and who already has an album that is causing rage in every corner of the world. Apart from the fashion editorials with these two artists, as in all issues of Neo2 you will find interviews, fashion, art, gastronomy, culture and music of all the most avant-garde and transgressive of today's urban culture.

We are the party


The Desperados and Shoop thing was a magical encounter that now materializes in the Desperados x Shoop capsule collection. A proposal that represents the playful, aesthetic and inclusive spirit of both brands through a total patchwork look, and four color versions of the most mythical shirt of the Madrid-Tokyo brand created by Miriam and Yohei. And to celebrate it we went back to partying.

Milk It Beauties


Don't miss this makeup editorial by Milk Cosmetics, the most transgressive and inclusive makeup brand that has conquered Neo2. They have recently landed in Spain, specifically in Sephora. If you want to know all the wonders you can get on your face do not miss an editorial that seems brought from another planet.

Mala Rodríguez


Behind a seemingly conventional name like María Rodríguez is La Mala. That is, Mala Rodriguez. Anyway, she is one of the artists that has taken the rap in Spanish the most, to where very few rappers have come. Winner of two Latin Grammys, she now receives the National Prize for Current Music 2019 after 20 years of career and is one of our Neo2 covers. This is going to be a very good year for La Mala

Cierto Estudio


We interviewed this young architecture studio composed of 6 girls. The works they have in their portfolio are the most varied, from writing architectural articles to Neo2, designing furniture, making interior design projects, and going up to another level, executing large-scale urban planning and social housing projects.

Natalia Lacunza


With only 20 years old, this girl original from Pamplona is a reference for  the Generation Z. And not only for appearing on the 2018 edition of Operation Triunfo show. Her naturalness when addressing issues such as bisexuality, or agender, is opening minds. In 2019 she published her first album, “Other Wings”. An album with which she has managed to remove the label of Natalia from OT, even conquering the specialized press always really reluctant.

Chateau La Coste


Château La Coste is a wine domain, luxury hotel, art center and something else located in what is becoming the region par excellence of art and trends in France: Provence You have to know how to find the place. It is not that it is hidden in inaccessible roads or remote places like an ancient Mayan civilization forgotten in the middle of the jungle. But neither is it located in the most tourist circuits of the famous French Côte d'Azur.

Urban People


Urban culture permeates everything today. But is everything urban culture? What is that melting pot where music, fashion and art is cooked in? We talked with four leading artists of the scene in Spain: 2 musicians, a dancer and an illustrator: Shainny, Oddliquor, Omar Fernández and Be Fernández.



In this issue of Neo2, we have interviewed personalities from all fields, from the musical conb artists such as La Mala Rodriguez, Natalia Lacunza, Shainny, Oddliquor and Chk Chk among others to personalities of interior design such as the boys from Cierto Estudio. Dare to learn more about the most avant-garde creators of culture and art of the moment.

Legacy: Creative Nature


Ordering a piece of furniture from a top designer on the international scene could be the dream of many people. This is the starting point with which John Sorrell, president of the London Design Festival, has created the Legacy project. A project was sought that served to publicize the benefits of American red oak and resolve a design commission through wood.

Beauty at Christmas


What if New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve, the drinks you take before... and after. A vermouth in your hometown because you get together with your lifelong friends, you are going to visit the political family, the typical company dinner... Whether we want it or not, there is little left for the christmasstree, the carols and the Hard nougat... And the one who warns is not a traitor, that then we don't want last minute purchases because you don't know what to give or makeup for New Year's Eve.

Fashion Editorials


In this issue of Neo2 we have variety and color... well at least in most fashion editorials… For example Fermin & Gilles show their latest work Black is Black, a serie of pictures that balances between fashion and art. Javier de Juanas with the photographer Jesús Ubera presents Neo-Romance with a postproduction and some styles that will make you fall in love. Discover the rest of the fashion works where fashion takes the next level.

Porto Design Biennial


We propose a weekend circuit through the city of Porto to visit the first edition of its Design Biennial. Open to the public until December 8, 2019, the tour proposes a visit to the city center and Matosinhos, two places linked by a cause: Design as a critical expression of the Millennial Generation in the face of a constantly changing reality.

Dani Steegman


He belongs to a generation of artists who welcomed the new century by conjuring and deindexing the principles and standards of contemporary art. Generation characterized by dynamiting the classifying schemes of contemporary art and succumbing to fusion.

Chinese in Usera


Let's not look for three delights fried rice . Rather jellyfish salad. The Madrid neighborhood of Usera offers a sensory journey through the gastronomy of an unbeatable country except in this unique microcosm within walking distance and in which it is still easy to get lost. We make you a mini Asian tapas guide.

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