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166 issue of Neo2 Magazine is not a usual copy (none of the above was), but why is this one so special? Because we are 25 years old! and that’s why we wanted to do something really special to celebrate it. Four covers with four characters from Netflix's “Elite”: Mina El Hammani, Esther Expósito, Álvaro Rico and Itzan Escamilla are the main characters of an issue that is full of the most avant-garde content of fashion, art, music, gastronomy and interior design: Interview with Filip Custic, we go through the latest project of the Lucas-Hernandez-Gil architecture studio, we photograph Fusa Nocta, we show you the coolest “old-fashioned” bars in Madrid… If you want to find out what’s “burning” right now you just have to get one copy of 166 issue of Neo2 special 25th anniversary.

Theoreme editions


We present a new French furniture publisher created this year by the thirties David Giroire and Jérôme Bazzocchi. Its mission is to show the work of contemporary emerging designers. They seek to be the voice of a generation of creatives who are attentive to savoir-faire, choice of materials and the narrative dimension in their work

Loewe’s Bow Bag


With the new Loewe’s Mini Bow Bag we present this mini editorial where the craftsmanship and good taste of the Spanish brand created in 1846 is mixed with its sky, the sky of Madrid. City that saw the birth of this luxury brand with the Spanish label. With the photograph of the hand of José Morraja and the styling of Javier de Juanas we present the next must have to travel the streets of the Spanish capital

Neo2’s “Elite”


In this 25th anniversary number we don't have one, or two, or three, we have four covers that will make you fall in love. Our main characters? Mina El Hammani, Álvaro Rico, Esther Expósito and Itzan Escamilla. Four of the main characters of "Elite”, one of the most popular series of Netflix among millennials. We didin’t just interviewed them, we have also portrayed them with the most groundbreaking style

Fusa Nocta


All Spain discovered her in Factor X 2018 edition. Now, one year and a half later, 6 singles, 5 video clips, and a summer tour that ends in October with the Madrid Salvaje Festival 2019, we interview Miriam Nares Signes aka Fusa Nocta. An artist who is in the top positions in the succession list to the rap crown in Spain

Solo Houses


Solo Houses is, perhaps, the first architecture collection in Europe. Yes, an architecture collection. But not to put it at home. No. To build houses. With the freedom of the one who creates works of art. Secondary residences, imagined by a series of some of the greatest international architecture studios in an exceptional natural context. In this way, the landscape itself becomes the white cube, as the slogan of the gallery says (but let's not go ahead). Twelve projects, each one more amazing and unreal, from the geometric forest of Sou Fujimoto, luck of new age 2.0 cabin, to the species of bunker-mirador of ultra discharge of Go Hasegawa (called Villa Fringe) passing through the triangular UFO of the design studio TNA

At home it’s better


Desigual has taken a 180º turn (literally), and as you can see in the editorial “IN HOUSE” inside this 25th anniversary issue it has been for a good reason. Fresh looks with the irresistible DNA of a Spanish brand as Desigual are portrayed in front of Almilcar Lusinchi's camera

Rural Inside


It is the latest project of the Madrid-architecture studio Lucas-Hernádez-Gil. This is the reform of a town house that dates back to the 18th century and is located in the south of Extremadura (Spain). A large-scale intervention to give it new use as a rural house. A work that rescues the lost character of the original architecture and in which new solutions are provided without mimicry or stridency

Vitamin “z” of Zalando


If you are a streetwear lover, you will stay shocked with this editorial presented by Javier de Juanas and Vincent Urbani. If you lack the vitamin "z" of Zalando, you just have to see this editorial to see the wonders that can be done with the infinity of brands that they offer on its website

Filip Custic


Filip Custic, a multidisciplinary and somewhat iconoclastic artist, today recognizes a shift towards social and environmental commitment. We went to see the talk that Filip gave at the Design Fest 2019, organized by IED Madrid and spent the afternoon with him learning how to reallocate emotions and meanings to objects

The Queen: Chanel


In this editorial is the queen who gives the checkmate. The new Chanel collection focuses on the two colors that most identify with the French maison. Black and white as the main colour palette of an editorial with the styling of Javier de Juanas and the photography of Javier López

Old-young Bars


The center of Madrid widens. Or it is the periphery that grows, as you look. Somewhat away from gentrification, there are bars that are born between these two waters, on the border of the past and the future of cities. With young people who drive exciting projects outside the massive radar. We select 5 bars that make life in the neighborhood more interesting. So are the new old bars of Madrid

RGB & Louis Vuitton


In Autumn/Winter 2019 Louis Vuitton revisits three great shoe classics booties, Derbies and sports shoes and updates them in the colors and materials of the next season. Do not miss the creativities of the editorial RGB by La Retocadora

“Arty” Interviews


In this 166 issue that corresponds to the 25th anniversary of the birth of Neo2 we have become really Inquisitives… We interviewed Antonia San Juan who tells us how her current and new projects are going, also to the electronic punk pop group Axolotes Mexicanos with their direct and corrosive lyrics and Los Punsetes as one of the reference bands of the current Spanish music scene

Fashion Editorials


We have everything in this issue of Neo2 when it comes to fashion. Freak out with the editorials we've prepared for you: We have the Netflix guys, “Commedia del arte” with Paco Peregrin and Mario Ville, an editorial with Loewe and his their new mini version of the bow bag, we have the queen of black & white with Chanel, all the creativity of the new Desigual collection ... We have everything, but all the best, of course

Typography: Compagnon

Designed by: Juliette Duné, Léa Pradine, Valentin Papon, Chloé Lozano y Sébastien Riollier para Velvetyne


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