Neo2 183 - portada de la revista con foto de Pol Hermoso mordiendo una cerilla encendida
Neo2 183 - portada de la revista con foto de pol Granch mordiendo un bolso
Neo2 183 - portada de la revista con foto de Pol Monen sentado en una silla

Nº 183



You are facing a totally unprecedented issue in the history of Neo2. And it's not because it has 3 covers, which is already more than usual. But because for the first time we have 3 male talents who share the same name: Pol. The singer and actor Pol Granch, and the actors Pol Monen and Pol Hermoso. We could say that it is a special Pol issue. But aside from that, there is much more inside.

Ca l'Ocell in Mahón


It is the first commission for a new construction carried out by the group of architects Cierto Estudio. An unusual project with great personality where a 30º angle unleashes a series of unique spaces and volumes.

Sandra Mujinga


In her work appear traditional crafts and digital technology. This juxtaposition gives plice to a multifaceted visual language.

Pol Granch


He has just released his second album, “Amor Espupido”, and you will not only be able to admire him in concert, but also in this 16-page special with total looks by Dior x ERL. And it is likely that you will see him again as an actor very soon in a Netflix series.

Paz de la Huerta


She is a genre unto herself. Actress, painter, filmmaker, and aristocrat. Half Spanish, half American, she has rubbed shoulders with the cream of Hollywood. But her story is much more gruesome and María de la Paz, that's what she wants to be called, tells us in Neo2.

Pol Monen


About to release a comedy, "La novia de América" and it seems that his professional destiny is also outside our borders. At the moment it is a challenge, he speaks French and English, and talent is not lacking in this new Mango Man. He displays it in his 16-page special.

Nathalie Miebach


Nathalie Miebach’s work focuses on scientific observations, she translates data from extreme atmospheric phenomena into woven sculptures.

Pol Hermoso


We kidnapped him from the set of the second season of “Sagrada Familia”, where we will see a more mature Felipe Alberche. But where you're going to really freak out is when you see him fully transformed in his 16-page Neo2 special.

Fashion Editorials


In this issue we have 3 main inspirations: (1) the chapter "in the sandbox" of the second season of the series “The White Lotus”, very Louis Vuitton; (2) an adventure multi brand of Corto Maltese, the character of cartoonist Hugo Pratt; (3) and redhead named Jorge.

Reggio School


New project by Andrés Jaque that represents a pedagogical revolution from the design of the space. It is a school designed to stimulate in children and adolescents the desire to learn from experimentation, exploration and research.



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