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We welcome spring with a new issue of Neo2. This time we not only release content, but also graphic design. If you notice, even the Neo2 logo we have changed for its printed version. We hope you like it. For the review of the global design of the magazine we have invited Koln Studio from Madrid. As you will see on the pages, you can see its characteristic stamp where professionalism and avant-garde coexist. A new stage that we have subtitled "cookies-free" as a gesture of vindication of the need for alternative media to the voracity of social networks. And as you will see in the following review with some of the most noteworthy content, there are a lot of interesting interviews and exclusive own productions.

Zearreta: The Basque Country House


From old carpentry to a national artisan product. Zearreta is the hamlet on the shores of the wild beach of Barrika rescued by a clan of four Biscayan people willing to tell good stories. Design, sustainability, simplicity ... are its keys.

Music Interviews


Apart from our own productions with Aitana, Rakky Ripper or J.Cherry, in this issue we also highlight the interviews with a series of names representative of the music scene of the moment in Spain and the United Kingdom: Joe Crepúsculo, Love of Lesbian, Django Django, Javier Álvarez, Arlo Park, Shygirls, Manel Navarro...



We interview and photograph Aitana exclusively. One of the greatest contemporary stars that came out of Operación Triunfo. She has just released a second album where she opts for a more organic pop and announces a new tour with many guitars and keyboards. There will be concerts that the public will remember for a long time.

Jone Laspiur


We interviewed Jone Laspiur (Intxaurrondo, San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, 1995), even before she herself knew that she was going to win the Goya for best new actress for “Ane”, one of the great jewels of Basque cinema. She currently lives in Madrid, she juggles to combine her work as an actress with the studies of Fine Arts. Without forgetting music, another of her passions.

Domestic Objects


A selection of recently created pieces of furniture and lighting that have caught our attention due to their functionality and aesthetic nature. Products that are already available on the market and others that are in the prototyping phase.

Russian Red


When we almost thought that the mythical Russian would never return to the scene, she went and introduced herself to us as Lourdes Hernández as a writer and documentarian of her own life. And without ruling out the return to making music, but in another way. Another facet that we discovered is that of an actress. In April she shoots a movie with Gustavo Salmeron. You want to know more?

Jaime Lorente


We also had the opportunity to photograph Jaime Lorente exclusively. We caught him in the middle of several shootings and it took patience for him to book us a day. But he did it and it was worth it. We talk not only about his facet as an actor, but also about his books and his music in his side of him plus his rapper.

Rakky Ripper: Xtra Cost


Rakky Ripper is undoubtedly one of the revolutions of bubblegum pop and the most current hyperpop. She has just released her new EP “Xtra Cost”, with which she takes a much more rebellious course. The best music from this Granada-born otaku that enjoys making a hilarious pop. Don't miss her interview.

Carlos Sáez


Check our interview with the artist Carlos Sáez (Valencia, 1988), a master of originality and innovation who is inspired by the audiovisual field of manga and the Internet, absorbing, subverting and recontextualizing his iconic tropes and graphic language. The work of this artist is a multisensual walk through the relationships between the human being and the technology that he develops, raising his own fluid and futuristic aesthetic.

Trap’s Law: J Cherry


We interviewed the first ragged lawyer and political scientist in Spain. Jara Cerezo, a.k.a. JCherry. With only three songs released, this artist has caught the attention of Virgen Maria and AKA 69blex label. They are already working on her next mixtape. She tells us that she does urban trap with electronic influences but that she’s not closed to try what she wants.



Carmen Jedet Izquierdo Sánchez is in one of her best professional and personal moments and she wanted to share it with us by being the cover star of our new number 172. Zalando's new ambassador, Ondas award for Best Female Performance for her role in “Veneno”, musician, activist, writer and also has time to correspond her fans on the networks. A jewel that tells us down to the last detail of her moment.

Gastronomic Vocabulary


A mini gastronomic dictionary to keep up to date with the new words used in the world of cuisine, restaurants and bars. Do you know what Batch Cooking, Drunch, Dark Kitchen, Jackfruit, Mocktails or Shirataki are? If you know these terms, then you won't be surprised.



We have dedicated our special to the world of insects. A production made in collaboration with the artist Lorenzo Possenti and the photographer Lucia Giacani. A report that serves as the basis for a short and concise essay by Ramón Fano about the culture of insects from ancient Mesoamerican civilizations to the era of networks.

Fashion Interviews


This new number is loaded with the coolest fashion of the moment. You will be able to meet the Israeli designer Alon Livné, the students from Central Saint Martins who have collaborated with Birkenstock on his latest project and we also spoke with the Barcelona-born designer Dominnico to find out what is to come in his next collection…



Fashion editorial that shows an unprecedented moment at the Fénix Gran Melía hotel in Madrid. We use this exceptional decoration in full remodeling of the hotel, which will soon present a new decoration. A production by Javier de Juanas and Abel Trujillo.

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