Nº 168



We know that it is not possible to start 2020 better than with these two new super covers. On the one hand with Anitta, as one of the international stars who is most peeling at this time, and on the other hand the Spanish indie group Carolina Durante that with their music have given a new meaning to the indie music as we knew it. Between these two bombs and the best content of housing, gastronomy, design and art This new number 168 of Neo2 is going to be the explosion to start this new decade. If you were at our Neo2 25th anniversary party, we will let you know that your may be the part of the pages of this issue. What are you waiting for to discover it?

Gastro 2020 Trends


Miguel Angel Palomo, our expert in gastronomy, makes us a dossier of what is coming in the world of cooking. Interview to professionals of the sector. Distilling all the information generates a decalogue of gastronomic trends.

Carolina Durante


They do not recognize it, but they are responsible for changing the history of Spanish indie music in the 21st century. Just when we thought that urban music was monopolizing everything and that there was nothing beyond the horizon, this quartet from Madrid arrived and changed the bases of the national indie. With only two Ep’s and a self-titled album behind them, Diego, Juan, Mario and Martín are the present and the future of the national indie. Millions of views on their YouTube videos and continuous sold outs at their concerts.

Recycled J & Ana Sotillo


Recycled J and Ana Sotillo, or what is the same: Jorge Escorial Moreno and Ana Sotillo. A 26-year-old boy from Carabanchel, and a sevillian girl of 24. He, a musician; She, model and stylist. Together they form one of the representative couples of the Madrid urban scene. While Ana prepares for the international market, Jorge officially signs with Universal Music and presents her Recy Tour in Spain as of February: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. Music and fashion never loved each other so much.



He has featured songs with Madonna, Caetano Veloso, Snoop Doog, J Balvin, Maluma, Diplo, Major Lazer, Rita Ora, Becky G ... And suddenly, on a Sunday at 9:30 in the morning, he is with us in Madrid. We were afraid it would be delayed, or not come. In the early hours we gossip their stories from the IG. We saw that he had been partying all night. But, like a clock, at half past 9, he arrives at the set. We had been told that she was super professional, what we did not know was that she is also super nice. We left the interview for last. Of course, the second subtle yawn we let her go.

Neo2 25th aniversary party


It has been 25 years since the first issue of Neo2 was released. A quarter century. In 1994, the same year that Supreme came into the world. They were the beginnings of the digital revolution and the “Do It Yourself” culture, Madrid version. What we have learned is that everything is a cyclic transformation. That's life. And we have to celebrate it. With a party? Of Course, and many friends. We have the sponsorship of Opel Corsa, Havana Club and Zalando and the collaboration of Heineken®, Desperados, Sala Shôko, Jamones Beher, Panther Juice & Sandwich, Crudo Madrid and Burger King.

Marius Sperlich


Marius Sperlich is one of them. He is 28 years old and trained in communication and design in Hamburg. He currently lives in Berlin, where he also has his  personal studio. He uses parts of the human body as the setting for his photographs, where small miniature characters perform all kinds of tasks. Its visceral close-ups require a deep look from the viewer and become a real disturbing bombardment of stimulation.



This Number 168 of Neo2 is loaded with the coolest interviews. Apart from our two super covers with Anitta and Carolina Durante with their respective interviews. We have learned all the latest from Recycled J and Ana Sotillo, Quim Gutierrez and Clara Lago, We have interviewed the artist Marius Sperlich and have met new emerging groups such as Fat White Family and Alex G (Sandy).

Valencia on Fire


In the last edition of Habitat we find 3 new brands of furniture that had the same denominator in common: family businesses with a lot of experience in the sector, who decide to promote a new brand and where design is the central axis and where new generations They take the reins. We talk to them and show you their proposals.

Neo2 Designers Awards


Neo2 was born 25 years ago as a platform for creativity. Our satisfaction has always been to identify and recognize the youngest talent. And since 2018 we do it under the format of the Neo2 Designers Awards. Now we come to the 3ª edition of these awards dedicated to fashion and home design. Eight are the new award-winning creators, people and studies.

Fashion editorials


Do not miss the new fashion stories that appear in this new 168 issue of Neo2. Travel to Lisbon through the objective of the photographer Vincent Urbani and the styling of Javier de Juanas and feel like a real nomad of the haute couture with the proposal of the stylist Patty Cereijo and the photographer Alberto Saguar.

Typography: Mayrit

Designed by Victor Clemente