Nº 162



This year, Neo2 celebrates 25 years in the publishing market. Throughout 2019 we will celebrate it with different actions that we will communicate to you. At the moment we start with this first issue of the year, which is amazing. We have a double cover. One with the mega influencer Manu Ríos, and the other shared between the artists King Jedet and Aleesha Rose. You will tell us which one you liked the most. Inside there are plenty of super interesting items of trends, photos, fashion editorials ... And a tribute to a Spanish artist of the words that left us 2 years ago and we consider it fair to remember: Gata Gattana. This is for you!!

Manu Ríos


Singer, model, influencer ... right now is one of the most charismatic characters in social networks. Manu, is Spanish, but resides in Los Angeles. But we took advantage that he came home for Christmas to make this super photo report with an interview. Enjoy it!

Makeup Trends


Under the suggestive headline of "Like a Door", we present the most creative makeup and hairdressing trends. Ideas rescued from the most avant-garde catwalk looks, but that you can incorporate into your day to day without problem. You just have to take a little face.



In this issue we have thrown the house out the window. José Morraja and Javier de Juanas went to Cabo de Palos to shoot... María Postigo from New York shows us the new talents of Parsons... Chris Rinke and Agoney Gonzáles flew to Lanzarote to do La Roca ... and Abel Trujillo plus María José Castillo  did the same to make the Texan version of Lanzarote.

Marisa Benjamín


María Muñoz interviewed Marisa Benjamín for us. Using flowers as a raw material and as a starting point, Marisa Benjamím, based in Berlin, makes edible artistic installations that explore culinary archeology, flavor, social interaction and the expansion of art to unconventional public spaces.

Graphic Design Trends


We interviewed 6 graphic design studios that we love. The objective is to analyze, through your answers, the current state of graphic design and imagine where it is going. We have traveled, metaphorically speaking, to Madrid, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Elche and Berlin to talk respectively with Koln Studio, Jasper Branse, Pol Solsona, Yarza Twins, Really Bravo and Studio Last. They tell us about their profession and guide us to make a prediction of what will come in 2019



The musical section of this issue has taken advantage of The Black Madonna's tour through Madrid to interview her. We have also done the same with Panda Bear that surprises us with a new album, and also with Pale Waves that claims the Neo Emo. And we have dedicated an important space to the return of the British duo Monarchy.

Eva Fábregas


Mit Borrás interviews London-based artist Eva Fábregas in Barcelona. Her work includes topics on spirituality, the body-mind balance of wellness in modern society, the intimate and sensory world. A good talk about soma, about desire, gums and synthetic things.

Mans Concept


We interview the designer Jaime Álvarez, one of the young talents in men's fashion with the greatest potential and projection. Jaime is the creator of the signature Mans Concept Menswear, winning brand, for two consecutive times, the prize for the best young collection of the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk. And in this issue we bring him on the cover with Manu Ríos.

King Jedet & Aleesha Rose


Two of the names that are going to conk out in the national scene of the urban, rural music and of everything, together in a same cover. We caught them in fraganti doing creativities in the Desigual Color House of Miami Beach. Inside we have a super friendly interview with King Jedet. You're going to love it.

Cata Gattana


Two years ago Cata Gattana disappeared, she was one of the artists with the greatest projection of the moment. Respected and loved by all. And about to share his talent with a big public. Unfortunately she disappeared, suddenly. Today, in this issue, an important part of its closest people dedicate this tribute of 10 pages with photos of Jose Señorán.

Magnus Wästberg


We spoke with the creator of Wästberg, the most suggestive lighting brands of the moment. Magnus Wästberg is 44 years old, after going through university, he started working as a consultant. Years later he decided to work with his father, who was dedicated to the world of lighting, and learn the trade. In 2008, after a thousand laps he created his own company, Wästberg

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