Nº 158



In this issue we celebrate the approching arrival of Summer, and with it the whole emergence of festivals that come to us. More than 800 are celebrated throughout Spain. We have tried to select the ones that go well with you . In addition, we interviewed and photographed many of its protagonists. On the cover we have Hinds, and also Tommy Cash, Rosalía, Putochinomaricon, Los Nastys ... But we already know that not only music feeds creative minds. So as a vitamin supplement we have developed some nutritious complementary contents of: fashion, art, design, photography ... and even gastronomy. All those who want to to be part of our menu in the coming issues can write to



The festivals offer is so great that it is worth reflecting on which one really fits you the most. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a guide based on your festival expectations. We also asked musicians and bands their opinion on how the perfect festival should be.

Neo Housing


Six N.Five are Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini, art directors, 3D masters and inventors of artificial worlds. We speak with Lebrel a designer, craftsman and plumber with a complex and intense work. Jungla is the impressive collection that Sancal has just presented in Milan.



They are one of the most important bands that has given Spanish rock music of all time. And we have them on the cover. Also, inside photos and exclusive interview with the 4 super girls of Hinds. Twelve pages where they are shown as they are. They talk about their new album ... the lyrics ... how hard it is to always be on tour ... of feminism ... of Madrid. You're going to love it. And in no time you will have them at Primavera Sound.

Neo Art


We present the work of María León, an artist who alters the physical qualities of the news. We also highlight Alicja Kwade, undoubtedly one of the most promising contemporary artists. And above all, Equipo Palomar , artistic project that revitalizes the queer movement in Spain.

Interviewed Designers


We interview the designer Lucas Muñoz from Madrid settled in Eindhoven who studied at Saint Martins in London and also at the European Institute of Design in Madrid. Also trained in the IED, but this time from Barcelona are Iván Cordoba, Pablo Galeano and Francesco Furno from Relajaelcoco, Aina Sanfeliu and Juan Criollo also interviewed in this issue.

Dinara Kasco


We know in Madrid a young architect who elevates her pastry creations designed and modeled with 3D technology to visual art. Abstract and solid shapes that turn desserts into strange minimalist objects: white, black and red on the outside; Multicolored layers inside.



A top fusion of music and fashion : Editorials with Hinds ... and the famous post-Soviet rapper Tommy Cash .... We also photographed the most fashionable side of Putochinomaricon, representative of the new protest song ... and the influencer Carlos Parejo ... We also paid homage to the feminist movement Riot ... We shot in the facilities of Mad Cool with Ohnur ... Armando Branco takes us to a German greenhouse ... And Amilcar Lusinchi brings us to the top Nastya Kusakina. Big time.

Neo Fashion


We highlight the exhibition Paco Peregrín, one of the emblematic photographers in the history of Neo2. We also recover Roberto Piqueras with a new sustainable fashion project, and we introduce you to the Japanese designer Ryu Hayama.

Pakui Hardware


Dialogues by Mit Borras with the works of this duo of Lithuanian artists, based in Berlin, formed by Neringa Cerniauskaite and Ugnius Gelguda. Their work talks about the machines, the technological singularity, the future, the digital society and also the post-internet era.

Neo Design


"It is the end of the dull and superficial brands. Good graphic design is cooked with more spices”  said by Yarza Twins , the twin Galician sisters  who revolutionize the graphic design from London. We also show you the latest interior design work from the architecture studio Lucas and Hernández-Gil in Madrid.


Typography Stijla Designed by Alfonso Armenteros

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