Nº 182



The special winter issue is here to warm up your brain cells. Inside you will find the inspiring and ever-renewable energy of leading contemporary talents from the worlds of music, film, art, gastronomy, design and fashion. To charge your creative batteries you just have to go to the kiosk or order your copy through the Neo2 online store.

Last Batch


Selection of some of the new talents in Spanish gastronomy who, in addition, lead their own project. With less than 35 years of age, these chefs have an exuberant experience acquired through effort and passion for the trade.

Bendito Mockup


Brand created less than a year ago by 3 Spanish creatives that comes to magnify the visual level of the mockup world. Their latest collection launched on the market: K1NK1 is an example of how they want to revolutionize this market.

Rigoberta Bandini


Above queens, princesses and pop divas, there is her, “La Emperatriz“. This is how the Catalan singer-songwriter has titled her first solo album. We talked to her about it, about her book, about fame… and about the tarot.

Claudia Comte


We  explore the creative universe of Claudia Compte, an artist known for her large-format site-specific installations. Her works have been exhibited in such unusual places as the depths of the waters of Port Antonio (Jamaica), and now they sneak into the pages of Neo2.

Valentina Zenere


The Argentine actress is sweeping Spain. She repeats as the protagonist in the sixth season of Elite. And she surprises us in this interview by expressing her desire to be a singer and tour the world.



This number is like a trip with 3 main stops. In the first, we portray the new aesthetic of a business woman; in the second, we visit the underground and cool periphery of London; and in the third, we plunge into dark worlds.

Begoña Vargas


She is one of the young Spanish actresses with the most potential to succeed in Hollywood. She any day she will take the leap. She has starred in important Spanish films and series. The next one will be “Berlin”, the prequel to “La casa de papel”.



L'Onde is a radical and poetic project that combines the craft of building, landscape integration and heritage influence in a unique way. He has just won the Grand Jury Prize at the sixth edition of the Archinovo 2022 awards.

Georgina Amorós


We discover more about the extensive career of the Catalan actress who rose to international fame after playing Cayetana in "Elite". She is now about to launch a new project and we celebrate it with this report.



Apart from Rigoberta Bandini, in this issue we interview artists from various genres, from flamenco to electronics, going through the most generational pop: Alba Reche, Lucía Fernanda, Marina Herlop and Alva Noto.

Teresa Solar Abboud


For Teresa Solar Abboud, sculpture is a place full of fun, full of hybrid, mixed, mutant and syncretic beings. At the beginning of it, the artist from Madrid was committed to the audiovisual; Currently, she produces enormous pieces of clay and resin that now you can admire in this new issue of Neo2.



No. 1 in the world in the 50 Best Bars, held in Barcelona. We speak with their authors of cocktails and the culinary preparations they create for their accompaniment. Flavors that sometimes surpass the work of a bartender.

Typography: São Torpes

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