Portada de Neo2 #177. en la foto Sebastian Yatra
Portada de Neo2 #177. en la foto Marem Ladson
Portada de Neo2 #177. en la foto Jhay Cortez

Nº 177



We are launching a new year and a new number with an unusual interest in numerology. In number 177 the energies of 1 and 7 are mixed twice. The 1 symbolizes inspiration and will accompany us for many more years. The amplified 7 represents intuition and learning. Experts say that if you see the number 177 often it is a good sign, it will be a lucky period in your life and you will reap the desired fruits for your work. We are sure that this will be the case because the contents are super interesting.



Laura Molina Gómez (1974, Alicante) and Sergio Herrera Morillo (1980, Seville) are the components of the Todomuta design-art studio based in Seville. Massless is the latest collection presented at Design Miami. There are nine pieces where high metalwork, the nobility of leather and the tradition of stonework merge.

True Music


It is Ballantine’s platform for emerging music within dance culture. And the year begins with new projects with Boiler Room. The first is presented in Madrid with a 10-day poster and with Ms Nina as the total queen.

Sebastian Yatra


We spent a whole day with the Colombian artist, and he not only taught us abs. He also told us about his new album, Dharma, that comes out on January 28; we also talked about “once upon a time… but no more”, the television series in which he stars and which will soon premiere on Netflix; and also about the stars ...



We have interviewed everyone who right now has something to tell in music, art, cinema or fashion: Hugáceo Crujiente, Eladio Carrión, Skydrvg, It-Spain, Violeta Mayoral, Parcels, Pedro Campos, Alice Wonder, The Spanish King, Adam Jezierski ...

Homes 2021


An extensive report with a selection of 18 homes built in 2021 that we have fallen in love with. We have all had the feeling of entering a house and thinking: I wish I lived here. There are times, when you don't even need to visit the space, just seeing a photograph we have dreamed of inhabiting it.

The Wrong Bienale


We tell you everything about the fifth edition of the world's first biennial of digital art, The Wrong. 117 pavilions and more than 1,700 artists and curators that can be easily and freely accessed from anywhere in the world, simply by visiting website.

Jhay Cortez


We took advantage of his Spanish tour to spend a few hours with the Puerto Rican artist, who showed us during the photo session that he is a great passionate and connoisseur of fashion. And we also talk about music, of course, about his career, his ambitions and his beliefs.

Three pieces


Gonzalo del Val and Toni Gelabert have joined two tourist micro apartments in the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid to turn them into a spacious, functional and colorful home. A proposal, with a program that is articulated through three interconnected pieces, where there are two main materials: tile and birch wood.

Tadao Cern


We interviewed the Lithuanian artist Tadao Cern, who put aside his career as an architect and let himself be seduced by photography before entering the world of conceptual installations. From this emerged works such as Blow Job, Revealing the Truth or the photo-documentary Comfort Zone that gave him great recognition.

Alfred García


After almost three years of silence, the Spanish musician returns to action with a wonderful album that will surprise you: 1997. And he presents it to us with this exclusive shooting.

Marem Ladson


She is one of the most popular voices in the new Spanish pop folk. Now in 2022 she begins a new era. Not only will she release new music, but she also debuts as Mango Girl and moves to America to reconnect with the other half of her roots.

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