Portada de Neo2 #174. en la foto Alex de la Croix
Portada de Neo2 #174. en la foto Rizha
Portada de Neo2 #174. en la foto Natos y Waor

Nº 174



Proud to fulfill the spring calendar summer 2021 in hard times, we present the last number of the season. A number that somehow summarizes, more than ever, the identity signs of Neo2, an spanish independent magazine which over 27 years has been a showcase of creativity, diversity, inclusion and freedom. A space where art, music, design, cinema and fashion are intended, unifying different voices. In this issue we have rappers, gallerists, activists, singers, architects, fashion designers, florists, painters, curators, composers, film makers... Names like Natos y Waor, Alex de la Croix, Rizah, Lapili, Dani, Ganges, Robie, Conelli , Roi Porto, Alexander Campbell, Albert Madaula, Marinella Senate, Crux Architects, Pianopiano, Horm, Crew, David Alba Montiel, Mykki White, Rodrigo Cuevas, Stéreo Bomb, Eartheater, Derby Motorta's Burrito Kachimba, Leïti Sène, Wolf Alice... A long list of names that vindicate freedom through creativity.

Valencia: Domestic Bestiaries


We identify on a map 4 points that return us to a cartography and a geography - the Valencian one - to triangulate the positions, attitudes and contingent strategies proposed by Crux Arquitectos, PianoPiano, Horma Estudio and Creaqció.

House of Chappaz


We spoke with one of the most important gallerists in Valencia, Ismaël Chappaz, in charge of one of our favorite galleries that has been in business for ten years.

Natos y Waor


Natos y Waor is one of the most famous Rappers couple in Spain. An acknowledgment that have reached from underground and the most absolute independence. Only based on millions of streams and countless sold outs, and always without losing reference to their roots: Aluche neighborhood in Madrid.

Gastro Victory


OAD (Opinionated About Dining) a prestigious platform for foodies has unveiled, apart from its Top restaurants, another list that is Casual Restaurants (where you eat well and at a good price) in which of the 150 selected Europeans 69 of they are Spanish. How do you stay? Let's see that list and try them.

Alex de la Croix


Alex de la Croix is the transavanguard personified. Artist, Film Maker, Art Curator and Queer Activist, among many other things. In this interview, Alex speaks not only of his latest film projects, but also, as a trans person, of gender identity. And he does it as she better knows, with sympathy, a lot of humor and forcefulness.hey reexamine, reinterpret, alter and appropriate everything that falls into their hands...



During the prior weeks to the celebration of pride, we talk and photograph different referents from the current Queer Movement. All of them flagging their activism in a daily basis, simply being themselves every day. They are: Roi Porto, Alexander Campbell, Albert Madaula, Carlos Arrieta and the founders of the Lexa Agency (Alex Nikolov and Alex Moli).



The adidas Originals Forum sneakers inspire us to create another forum, this one about the new female pop with Spanish artists very top like Rizha, Lapili, Dani, Ganges, Robie and Conelli. These sneakers were born for basketball in 1984, but immediately fell to artists such as Madonna or Debbie Harry, his connection with female pop comes from a long time ago.

Fashion stories


In this issue we bring you 2 fashion teams. One, formed by José Morraja and Javier de Juanas, that presents a new generation of male models that come strongly. The other, led by Carlos Roca, Marcia Lennona and Eva Bernal, talks about diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Common Spaces


Why do fashion and the furniture world work so well together? To verify this, we have worked with the Antarctic photographers in their Nueva Carolina studio. Javier Lozoya and Gema Martín have taken care of fashion styling and Javier Abio styling furniture. The result is 18 pages of absolute beauty.



Our interview section is loaded with really interesting names. Within the world of fashion, we present the emerging talent David Alba Montiel. And in music, we have a selection that many festivals would want to have in their line up: Mykki Blanco, Eartheater, Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba, Bomba Estéreo, Wolf Alice, Leïti Sène, Rodrigo Cuevas and Gabber Eleganza.

Marinella Senatore


Bold, aesthetically and conceptually delicious and interdisciplinary, we interviewed this Italian artist who combines folklore with social criticism through means such as dance, installations, drawing or ductile and permeable actions.

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