Portada de la revista Neo2 número 190 con foto de Ana Fernández
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 190 con foto de Bycalitos
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 190 con foto de Jasón Fernández
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 190 con foto de Marta Lozano
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 190 con foto de Viperr
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 190 con foto de Ozuna
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 190 con foto de Russian Red

Neo2 190



We celebrate Neo2's birthday with a new design in the print version. A change that is manifested from the cover with a new branding and a graphic nod to the magazine's age, thirty: X30. Subscribers and regulars of this magazine will also discover changes inside. A 224-page issue led by seven young relevant figures of contemporary Hispanic culture: Ozuna, Jason Fernández, Russian Red, Bycalitos, Vyperr, Ana Fernández, and Marta Lozano. Musicians, actors, singers, entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, chefs, architects, dancers, graphic designers, fashion designers... A group of creative professionals continue to give meaning to this platform that has been promoting new talent since 1994.

Espacio Solo


Designed by Juan Herreros, Espacio Solo was established in 2018, a place where pieces from the Solo collection are showcased while fostering creation, dialogue, and experimentation.



Victor Pérez is his real name. A famous influencer now transformed into a new figure of Spanish urban pop. He tells us about this journey through an extensive fashion and beauty editorial.



The Puerto Rican reggaeton singer and songwriter continues to make waves with his latest album "Cosmo". And while preparing new music, he poses exclusively for Neo2 and opens the doors to his personal creative process.

Fondo Supper Club


It is one of the most enticing proposals in Madrid for those interested in food design. Four friends started this adventure almost two years ago and have already held more than 30 gatherings. "Food is a language that makes complex concepts and ideas more accessible."

Jason Fernández


Our particular Paul Newman presents his upcoming film projects adorned in the exquisite Dior Men collection for summer 2024. A showcase of charisma through this special dedicated to the actor.

Ana Fernández


The Spanish actress returns to the pages of Neo2 once again. This time, she stars in one of the most talked-about releases in Spanish cinema. She tells us everything, and more, in this special dedicated to her talent.

Natural Wine Refuges


A selection of architectural projects of wineries integrated with the natural environment. From a hidden cave in southern Texas to an organic volume camouflaged in the landscape of Moravia in the Czech Republic. Designs that present a formal language of vernacular and contemporary heritage.

Pía Mendaro


Pía Mendaro (Madrid, 1991) grew up knowing she was going to be an architect. She says she has never considered anything else: "My father is an architect and, since I can remember, he would say 'when you become an architect...'. I've been talking about architecture, naturally, all my life.”

Russian Red


Lourdes Hernández returns to the music scene with a new album and the fervent desire to once again star on the big screen as an actress. In Neo2, you'll see her through 16 pages, sexier and more mature than ever.

Marta Lozano


This young influencer and entrepreneur from Valencia becomes the first pregnant woman to grace the cover of Neo2. Inside, she showcases all the power and beauty of motherhood in an extensive photo report.

Candela Capitán


We interview the incredibly young artist Candela Capitán. From her beginnings in dance in Cádiz to her consecration as a choreographer in Barcelona, Candela takes us through labyrinths of creativity and provocation.

Fashion, Music, and Film


For this issue, we have also photographed and interviewed relevant names from different scenes of Hispanic culture: Cristina Kovani, Carmen Walinski, Omisz, Fátima Miñana, Medina Kid, Jane Bardot, Elena Gallardo, Abhir Hathi, St. Pedro, Gus...



The name of this entrepreneur has transitioned from the world of video games to creating urban fashion content for social media. Now, established as the founder of Scrapworld, a streetwear fair, he graces the cover of Neo2.

Canal Connect


The 4th edition of Canal Connect, at Los Teatros del Canal, explores the convergence of technology, art, and science, with a stimulating program of performing arts and a digital art exhibition called "The New Freak Show."