Portada de la revista Neo2 número 188 con foto de YsY A
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 188 con foto de Sebastián Yatra
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 188 con foto de Lola Indigo
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 188 con foto de Fernando Guallar
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 188 con foto de Mar Lucas
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 188 con foto de Manuel Turizo
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 188 con foto de Omar Montes

Neo2 188



Neo2's 188th issue brings the creative vibes of this fall-winter season. With 7 covers, each featuring a Latin music and culture star: Sebastián Yatra, Lola Índigo, Manuel Turizo, Mar Lucas, Ysy A, Fernando Guallar, and Omar Montes. Together, they amass over 50 million Instagram followers. Grab your copy ASAP because they'll fly faster than your favorite memes. Don't miss out on this edition, the coolest in the editorial scene, immersing you in a creative mix of music, fashion, art, gastronomy, and architecture. We hate to be pushy, but for just 7 euros, you get a kilo of fresh and nourishing inspiration.

Fernando Guallar


The actor of hits like "Amar es para siempre" and "Velvet Colección" embarks on a new stage of his life and career. After presenting his latest film in San Sebastián, "La ternura," the classic heartthrob is off to London.

Mar Lucas


This Catalan born in 2002 never ceases to amaze. First as an influencer, then as a singer collaborating with Juan Magín or Cali Y El Dandee, and finally as an ambassador for M·A·C Cosmetics. What's next?

Sebastián Yatra


This Medellín-born Colombian is already contemplating his fourth album. His career, resembling a sacred journey into Latin pop spirituality, holds 2 Latin Grammys, an Oscar nomination, and a story of success for this 1994 artist.



This issue radiates fashion, dressing all featured artists. Journey to the Czech Republic with European men's fashion, transport to an imaginary Paris with Chanel. Interviews with brands like Ernesto Naranjo or 404 Studio, and artists who've collaborated on bags for Artycapucines or Dior Lady Art.

Béton Brut


An international journey through a curated selection of contemporary homes that embrace the poetics of concrete. Some projects captivate us with their spatial composition, while others leave us speechless with their structural challenge, but all are unique in the way they inspire us with the coherence of their design and their ability to adapt to the environment.

Omar Montes


The 1988 native of Carabanchel has become a key figure in the flamenco resurgence. Nominated for the 2023 Latin Grammys, this beacon of light is now the face of JD Sports' new campaign, and he's not just a singer but also a boxer.

Lola Índigo


At her peak, this Andalusian from Huétor Tajar takes a well-deserved emotional break after 3 albums and tours. Mimi Doblas Muñoz, the genius behind the pop and feminist icon, unveils GRX: a new, more personal, and authentic album.

Ysy A


The only artist who can boast of causing two earthquakes. Coincidence? Doubtful. His music is pure energy, exemplified by his new album, "El After del After," where this Argentine fuses trap with electronic beats.

Vanessa Beecroft


We interviewed the artist Vanessa Beecroft. Versatile and multifaceted, her influence in fashion, film, and music is evident through her collaborations with icons such as Kanye West.



Beyond the cover stars, this issue interviews contemporary music icons like Yerea Guillem, Brisa Fenoy, Harry Nach, Travis Birds, Chris Palace, Ryan Castro, Sofía Kourtesis, King Gizzard...

Manuel Turizo


A 23-year-old gentleman from Montería, Colombia, exuding confidence and professionalism while embodying the youthful freshness of urban music. From his success at 16, he has defied norms in the new Latin pop scene.

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