Portada de la revista Neo2 número 187 con foto de Young Miko
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 187 con foto de Polimá Westcoast
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 187 con foto de Khea
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 187 con foto de Iván Sánchez
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 187 con foto de Ingrid García-Jonsson

Neo2 187



In this edition, Neo2 magazine brings you the stars of Hispanic culture gracing the cover of our Autumn 2023 issue. We present the captivating actress Ingrid García-Jonsson, Spanish actor Iván Sánchez, Puerto Rican singer Young Miko, Chilean singer Polimá Westcoast, and the Argentine sensation Khea. Inside, you'll discover a diverse range of content spanning art, design, architecture, music, fashion, and gastronomy. Neo2 Issue 187 is a captivating showcase of the vibrant world of creative expression. Don't miss it!

Art and Climate Chaos


There is currently an advent of (eco)artists. Their mission is not to change the world, but their contribution is essential for understanding the climate chaos in which we are immersed.



"Serotonin" is the debut album of the prominent Argentine rapper Khea, who has overcome challenges in his career and become a prominent figure in Latin rap. He belongs to the second generation of trap artists and has collaborated with renowned artists like Bizarrap and Becky G. His rise is impressive.

Ingrid Garcia-Jonsson


This actress with a captivating gaze is at the peak of her career. Four high-profile projects in 2023, from a political thriller to a romantic comedy, a drama, and a Neo-noir, showcase her remarkable versatility and talent. And now she hints that something big is on the horizon.



Mallorcan architecture studio Ohlab has just unveiled: Paral.lel. Located in the residential neighborhood of Bonanova, southeast of Palma, this residential design combines sustainability and an efficient use of private and communal space.

Polimá Westcoast


This Chilean singer is a leading figure in Latin trap. He was on track to become an engineer but chose to leave it all behind to focus on urban music. He has collaborated with prominent artists like Nicky Jam and JBalvin. He is now preparing his fifth album, "Hermes.”



Neo2 presents thrilling interviews with standout musicians in this issue. From Mexican artist Carín León to the Hispano-Argentinian Ms. Nina, and British icons Ròisín Murphy and Alison Goldfrapp, along with the Spanish group Melenas and Puerto Rican rapper Álvaro Díaz.

Young Miko


The Puerto Rican singer transitioned from being a tattoo artist and art student to a prominent international singer. Her debut LP, "Trap Kitty" (2022), solidifies her status as a prominent artist. She has collaborated with artists like Bad Bunny and Karol G. Her rise is remarkable.

Ragnar Kjartansson


Multidisciplinary artist, lucid and skillful, imbued with melancholy and humor, their works stand out for their use of repetition, marathon-like duration, music, and an epic portrayal of human complexity.

Iván Sánchez


The model who conquered the world of cinema two decades ago. His charisma and versatility as an actor led to success across Europe and Latin America. In 2023, he shines in "Culpa Mía" and as Miguel Bosé in a biopic, in addition to working on his own production. A conqueror in every sense.



The studio celebrates two decades of innovation. It is the right time to talk to its founder, José Manuel Ferrero. From Valencia and moving at the pinnacle of contemporary design, Ferrero has led a journey that embraces both local and global essence.

Lights & Shadows


Scenarios of brutalist architecture, wrapped in its mysterious aura, stand as the perfect canvas to capture the fascinating play of light and shadows of some pieces of home design designed by José Manuel Ferrero.



Neo2 offers pages filled with cutting-edge fashion for Autumn 2023. It interprets collections from Louis Vuitton and Versace Jeans Couture. It also spotlights emerging talents through two exceptional models: the young writer Alfredo Márquez and communicator Inés Hernand.

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