Nº 164



On 164 issue of Neo2 we have a bit of everything (the best) obviously. The most cutting-edge trends in music, fashion, gastronomy, art and architecture floods the pages. This issue comes with surprises by double (or triple). Two covers, three artists who star in this new number. In the first place, we have Amaia Romero, the winner of OT 2017, with an editorial that respects her naïve essence without forgetting the streetwear soul of Neo2. In second place we have our second cover with Kidd Keo and Luna Sobrino, the fashion couple that has conquered us. If you don’t know them wait to see the super-editorial that we have shot in the Sala Cool of Madrid. This new issue is burning, what are you waiting for to get yours?

Be and last

separador_5The fashion editorial with Ellesse is going to leave you breathless! Discover the most daring looks created by Javier de Juanas and the photography of José Morraja. The coolest streetwear looks you can find are on the new number of Neo2.

Music Steps


If you want to see the Pantone that Crocs proposes with its new collection of Sandals and want to know how to combine them, do not miss Music Steps, with the Ramón Fano as the creative director and Vincent Urbani behinf the camera. The must have about accessories for this summer that will drive you crazy appears on this fashion editorial.

Amaia Romero


The most awaited record in history by the Spanish public is Amaia Romero’s one, the winner of OT 2017 poses in front of our cameras on this editorial that mixes the naive with the most underground style. Do not miss your interview with Nadia Leal, the looks built by Javier de Juanas and the incredible pics made by Antarctica.

The Future of Architecture


How is it possible that houses are still being built almost in the same way as in the 19th century? This is the question that the architect  Pablo Saiz asks in his book. We interview the author of the book and Juan Herreros to talk about the Industrialized House.

Kidd Keo & Luna Sobrino


He is probably the Spanish artist with the most intentional fame of contemporary urban music. She, one of the most influential models inside and outside the borders. Together they form the coolest couple of the moment. They conquered us by their naturalness through their Instagram stories. After the Kidd Keo’s tour in South America, we take advantage of a very special session to ask them about their future projects.

Madrid in Love


We spoke with Juan Luis Medina, one of the founders of the interior design studio Madrid in Love. They have been 18 years signing the projects of the most cutting-edge restaurants on the national scene. Äuakt is one of their lastest projects in which they have worked beyond architecture and space.

Nicolás Lamas


The work of Nicolás Lamas, Oscuro Museo del Antropocentro, is a sinister museum of natural history, a portrait of the Antropocentro, of what you are doing and of the ambivalent abyss that this means. Mit Borrás interviews the Peruvian resident in Belgium in the new issue of Neo2.

Lara Fluxà


The artist Lara Fluxà works on the perception of the invisible from transparent materials, such as water, often salty, specialized in glass as an artistic material. Meet this environmentally conscious activist who questions the delicate balance of the ecosystem through her art.

Primavera Sound


Primavera Sound is about to release its nineteenth edition. What began as a modest indie dream is on its way to becoming an unstoppable global phenomenon. Do not miss our little tribute to all those who make this experience possible. Cupido, Putochinomaricón, Cariño, Las Odio, and R.e.a.l... A good example of the female participation and the musical athletics of this edition.



The 25-year-old from Alma Indie, from Tenerife, started to write songs with only 12 years and in addition to his solo project he is a member of the Locoplaya musical trio together with Uge and Don Patricio. On May 25 we will be able to see it in the Shoko room in Madrid. Who is going to want to lose this artist so cool?



Food has never been so photographed in the history of humanity as it is now. We make a selection of national gastronomic photographers that we freak out, some of them are totally professional and others amateurs. What does a photo have to catch the foodies?

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Designed by: Leonardo Tavares


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