Nº 159



Here you have the summer issue of Neo2. Inside you will find multiple geographic and intellectual destinations, always creative. But first of all let us make one stop on the cover. It is very special. The covers are printed on silver, holographic and iridescent paper. That means  it changes color as you move it around . It is an issue for collectors. Definitely. In addition, in this issue we have traveled to Barcelona, Madrid, Copenhagen, Soria ... We have traveled all over Spain looking for the most creative hotels ... the whole world hunting for the best shoe stores ... We have interviewed creatives from all disciplines: King Jedet, Biis, Pablo Erroz, Anna Calvi, Timur Si-Qin, Ezra Furman ... You can find it in the newsstands and Neo2 online shop.

Neo Fashion


The leading people in the fashion contents of this issue are: the designers Pablo Erroz and Andrés Zurru, the latter just debuted at the Fashion Week in Madrid. We also have the Madrilenian brand Biis ...  Las Culpass, Murcia fashion brand with feminist positioning ... and 2 Spanish promises of Saint Martins: Ernesto Naranjo and Paula Canovas.

Verónica Echegui


We have photographed and interviewed Verónica Echegui. She alone in front of the mirror. The actress, after filming international series, returns to Spain to record the second season of Paquita Salas. Don´t miss the first episode because she says a sentence that has a lot to do with the first double page of the report. A mythical photo.

Fashion Editorials


In this issue we have traveled a lot to do all the editorials: First to Soria to shoot the first collection of Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton ... To Copenhagen and Barcelona for 2 stories of menswear agender ... To Madrid, inspired by the capital´s bikers  ... And also we have moved through the mountains of Madrid.

Neo Music


We wanted to make special in the non-binary movement that is finally stirring consciences. We have interviewed the versatile Spanish artist King Jedet ... the British composer and singer Anna Calvi who comes back to the stage ... Like the American musician Ezra Furman who presents his second solo album.

Queer Art


The queer culture is experiencing an unprecedented explosion. And Neo2 needs to reflect the work of that high number of sexually dissident artists. We interviewed some of the most relevant: Doireann O'Malley and Pol Merchan, both artists based in Berlin. We also reflect on the trajectory of Cassils, famous artist "gender non-conforming".

Neo Art


In this issue we highlight the work of one of our most representative collaborators: Mit Borrás, journalist, curator ... artist. This time we talk about his work where he deals with topics such as progress and the aesthetic place occupied by technological devices: gifts, synthetic arms, plastics, silicones ...

Spain: Ten Destinations


We make a tour throughout the Spanish geography in search of hotels, inns or unique cabins. Lanzarote, Cantabria, La Rioja, Navarra, Huesca or Alicante are some of the places where we have found these relaxation spaces and disconnection with carefully designed interiors and dream locations.

Neos Design


The Design Blacklist is one of the few blacklists where graphic designers want to be. We focus on the work of Tonia Fuster from Mallorca a young designer who creates intimate and experimental lamps.  From Milan MM Company tell us how to create brand image.

The 10 Best Expos


Gonzalo Herrero Delicado has gone to the Venice Architecture Biennale and has made us a selection of the 10 best exhib that were seen there. This year's theme has been Freespace and its curatos are Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, they wanted to invite the participants to reflect on generosity in architecture and the importance of spatial quality to position people at the center of the architectural agenda.



This issue is dedicated to the Spanish potato salad. Dont´ you see them everywhere? Restaurants hardly dared to take them out of the bar before, today they get more beautiful than ever in all Spain fine tables .Unbeatable tapa from our Gastronomic culture, the salad feeds and gives splendor.