Nº 169



Our 169 issue is already on the streets, filled as always with the most avant-garde content in fashion, music, cinema, gastronomy, housing and art. Do not miss any of our three new covers and exclusive editorials with our protagonists of the moment: The artist Recycled G in his search for “new pop” through the recycling of styles and references, the boyband Cupid with his their most expected return and the skateboarder, fruit bowl, photographer, model and businessman Evan Mock as one of the new icons of contemporary and multidisciplinary youth nowadays. Do not miss a this new issue made out with great affection so that you spend these days in quarantine with the most alternative and underground headboard of Spain.

María Sioke y Pedro Ladroga


Love, art, pop, passion, rap, urban music ... a couple that is always together. Pedro Ladroga is a 26-year-old rapper from Seville who has practically grown up in music. He has gone through festivals such as sonar and monkey week among many others. Maria sioke, pop singer and songwriter, is also beginning to resonate as one of the new names for this same refreshing music scene. We talk to them to learn about their explosive universe.

LV Time Machines


Do not miss the Time Machines fashion editorial by the photographer José Morraja with the styling of Javier de Juanas. Through the creative universe of the new Louis Vuitton collection, the classic arcade machines become the machines of time that will make us travel through the golden age of those wonderful 70's.



The disappeared boyband makes his comeback in style, with wigs and as always with a lot of flow. A trap singer, skinny Pimp, and a psychedelic rock band, Solo Astra, joined forces to be the first to bring to our country the concept of a bad boy who wants to redeem himself from all his sins through songs and love lyrics. It's not that they were gone, but sometimes we forget that musicians are also human and need to rest.

Chanel Space


Facing the objective of the photographer Juan Dabalde Trecu and the styling of Javier de Juanas we portray the most bizarre beauty editorial. Between the classic toiletry bags for any Chanel makeup lover and all the novelties for this new season, we create a universe where everything takes on another level of prominence. The magic of Norme Digital has been the culprit in taking us to this new ‘Chanel Space’ where nothing is what it seems.

Evan Mock


22 years old, Hawaiian, cosmopolitan, skateboarder, surfer, photographer, model, businessman ... and it seems that everything does it well. Without a doubt, Evan Mock is a benchmark for new generations. Also, he is charming. We met him in New York, where he currently resides, and we understood why the love he gives off has led him to be one of the faces, and bodies, of the new fragrance CK Everyone.

NY Milk


We traveled to New York to discover the roots of Milk Makeup: Chelsea, on the sets of Milk Studios. There we shoot some super New York looks with the main vegan makeup and cosmetic novelties of this American brand that is defining the self-expression needs of new generations.

Recycled J


The second cover of this spring issue is dedicated to Recycled J, a Spanish musician who, from the name, makes clear his vocation to reinvent himself in each project. Rap, techno, electronic, trap, rnb, pop, reggaeton ... are some of the different facets of this artist who is the champion of New Pop. Through the cover and the 12-page interior report with an interview, we try to reflect all his faces.

Fashion Editoriales


In this issue we have 3 very different fashion stories. Biel Capllonch together with Fermín and Gilles transport us to surreal worlds. Paco Peregrín and Javier de Juanas open the doors of a magical Madrd casino for us. And the team made up of Miky Diaz plus Patty Cereijo take us into the neighborhoods on the outskirts of Madrid.

Contemporary Icons


Last February, coinciding with Madrid design month, we opened Neo2 Home for the first time, a 300m2 space in the center of the capital. There it was possible to see the Contemporary Icons. Sit Down Please! exhibition In this space we made a compilation of chairs and seats released to the market recently that stood out for their character and design.

Non-meat steak


The debate driven by Food Ideology is causing a seismic movement in the industry. The meat sector opens up to new outlets: protein substitutes, vegetable trompe l'oeil, chow grown in the laboratory ... Will we be on the threshold of the post-animal era? We analyze some alternative hamburgers that are revolutionizing the market. This is the age of Non-meat.

Grip Face


We interviewed one of the leaders of the Spanish urban art scene, Grip Face. 31 years old mallorcan young man. True to the origins of street art, he prefers to keep his identity behind a pseudonym. Although limiting his work only to the world of street art is an understatement. His work is on the street, but also in galleries, museums and books.



In addition to the interviews with our own photographic productions, we have also have interesting multimedia conversations with other personalities: musicians such as Caribou and Marem Ladson, both in full release; Christian Loboutin, famous shoe designer presenting his retrospective in Paris; and Shay Mitchel, actress and new ambassador for Cacharel.

Typography: Otto Attac

Designed by Ivan Tsanko