Nº 161



We present the first winter issue 2018. Is the second one with the new design of the magazine. In its pages you can see a summary of the party organized to celebrate this new graphic stage. The number is played by two divas: the Spanish top model Mayka Gómez, and the actress Silvia Alonso. We photographed her at El Garaje de Sancal, the showroom of the famous Spanish furniture firm. In addition, the number includes interesting reports on gastronomy, furniture design, art, music, fashion ... and a lot of influence people of our country. Below we detail some of the most relevant content:



We love photographing spaces. But they are not always as you dream them. So in this issue we have decided to create them from scratch. In the report “Spaces Dreamers” we have designed 4 spaces using virtual reality techniques. But not everything is 3D, inside those spaces we show pieces of real furniture, perfectly integrated into the space we have dreamed of. Everything has come from the heads and computers of Álvaro Diaz Hernández, Miguel Ángel Troccoli and Javier Abio.

Louis Vuitton


We exclusively photographed the new women's accessory collection by Louis Vuitton. For it we went nothing less than to the Spanish east to create this history. Our referents were the past times of the 70s and the contemporary arty narrative. The photograph is signed José Morraja and the styling by Javier de Juanas.



The fusion of trends is the predominant note in the set of fashion editorials of this number, 4 in total. In them we have recreated the feminine street current, the glamor of urban male fashion, we have also traveled to 80’s New Yorkers to recreate those hyperactive executives, and of course we have not forgotten the grunge influence, but with our glam touch.



The album of memories of one of the most mythical parties of Neo2. On this occasion we celebrated the new design of the magazine. It was in the Sala But of Madrid. And we had everything: to Virgen María who emerges as one of the great stars of European electronics; Tomasa del Real, with a live concert of pure grinding; Los Nastys who played eclectic djs, just like Las Odio; and within the new values, we bet on the experimentation of the girls R.E.A.L.



This number, as always is full of interesting interviews. In music we have national references with Sansano, Cora Novoa, Pional and Go Path. Also Gustavo Sánchez, author of the documentary I Hate New York. On behalf of fashion, we spoke with the top Mayka Gómez, Xavi García from Salón 44 and 44Studio, Jorge Rubín from I.C.O.N. Products and with Estel Vilaseca, an opinologist who now shares wisdom in LCI Barcelona. In the art world, we spoke with Fran Meana, Love Enqvist and Barbara Traver. And we have also dropped by the youtuber world by interviewing crack Logan G.

Silvia Alonso


It is the big star of our screens and also of this number. Not only did we interview her, but we also took exclusive photos in an exceptional setting, El Garaje de Sancal. During the session, the actress played a new Catherine Deneuve, contemporary, with that mixture of elegance and mystery typical of the great divas of cinema.



In this issue we have opted for the theme of gastronomic trends. Something very juicy. On the one hand we have a comprehensive article about everything that is cooking for 2019. And we do not talk about talking. They give us the keys 7 of the most important international chefs. And then we opened a debate with a controversial topic: cannibalism. A taboo subject that we put on the table. Ethics and cooking. Let's see how you digest it.

Typography: Anodina

Designed by: Stefano Giliberti