Nº 163



On our last issue of Neo2 magazine we have gone crazy. We just made the Spanish actress Clara Lago make bubbles and we surrounded the new talent Greta Fernandez with red latex, They are our cover stars, what else! As always, we are a jack of all trades: Music with the interview to Fangoria for its 30th anniversary… Design and architecture with the story of a trio of non-monogamous artists who experience based on their own lives… We also asked Christian Lagata for his latest Chroma Verde exhibition. The gastronomy section is like “OMGsh I wanna eat this!”: we gathered the coolest chefs quarry: from Luis Angel Sanchez (Medea Madrid) to María Gómez (Magoga restaurant in Cartagena) we could be making you hungry for a while, but we are not that mean. Don’t miss the latest issue of Neo2 Magazine 163

Note Design


We interviewed one of the most inspiring interior design and product design studios of the moment. They are Swedish and began with their first work in 2008. They are one of the propellers of the New Memphis style. Scandinavian design with Mediterranean soul.

Special Nails


Don’t miss out the special editorial “Uña y Carne” with Paco Peregrin and Javier de Juanas for Morgan Taylor professional nail polish. Those nudes… those nailzz… that jewelery… you are going to be lost not knowing where to look at.

Clara Lago


The Spanish actress Clara Lago poses for the Neo2 cameras and tells us what’s going to be next are in her brilliant cinematographic career. This girl doesn’t stop to undertake new projects even for the big screen with the Argentine tape “Retorno Trunfal” and for the small screen with Atlantic. Watch out for this because Clara comes to burn screen.

New Design Awards


After the success of the first edition of the New Designers Awards Neo2 in 2018, we present the winners in the second edition. 2 categories of design: fashion and home design. 8 names, 4 for discipline that are and will be, very important within the national and international scene.



Inspired by the verses of Antonio Machado, we have proposed an urban trip to present the spring summer 2019 collection of Louis Vuitton. Virgil Abloh’s  first collection for the legendary French brand linked to the travel culture from his origins. In this case, the trip is through the streets of Madrid papered with posters with accessories of Louis Vuitton with photos of José Morraja and Javier de Juanas doing the styling.

Greta Fernández


She carries the interpretation inthrough her veins. The daughter of Eduar Fernandez makes her way through her acting career thanks to Elisa and Marcela, where Isabel Coixet has entrusted her the leading role. The Catalan actress has just settled in Madrid to achieve her dream and poses in front of our camera for her first cover ever.

Bimba y Lola


A creative exercise where Neo2 interprets the new Spring Summer 2019 collection of Bimba and Lola entitled Sedimental. A story that speaks about the relationship of human beings with nature through sediments with Paco Peregrín on camera and Javier de Juanas doing the styling. Surrealism, art and fashion. Pay attention to the prints, bags and accessories.

Quarry of Chefs


We bring together the most emerging Spanish chefs, the gastronomy of the day after tomorrow. Youth rabid but poise and experience, in many cases, present consecrated. They are very Neo2 chefs with a solid base culinary culture.

Desigual Colour House with Marina Guindilla


King Jedet, Miranda Makaroff, Aleesha Rose, Marina Guindilla and Blanca Miró ... these are some of the names that made up the crew for the Desigual creative project "Desigual Color House" in Miami. The actress and model Marina Guindilla tell us what happened inside the house.



Everyone knows that Neo2 loves music. In this issue we broke with everything Interviewing Fangoria for its 30th anniversary, also Mounqup, to better understand her rural electronic and Novedades Carminha that just published their latest album "Ultraligero" ... Don’t miss a beat and get the latest news about music that really feels cool.

Nerea Calvillo


Architect, researcher, teacher and curator. Founder of the architecture studio C + and In The Air. She investigates the politics of the toxic, the queer political ecologies and the forms of environmental measurement / participation.

Fashion trends male hairstyle 2019


The male sector has been too long limited when choosing hairstyle. But that’s not like this anymore, let your hair down and choose the craziest hairstyle; if you dont have any idea and you want to do something cool with you hair, you can take a look at the list of male haircut trends for this 2019.

Christian Lagata


With Christian Lagata we talk about Ballard, Ikea, Godard, concrete, techno music ... All súper random but with common sense. We went to the studio of this professional photographer/artist from Jerez for him to give us some explanations of his last exhibition Green Chroma at the Párraga Center in Murcia.

Dasha Tsapenko


We speak with Dasha Tsapenko, the Ukrainian designer and architect tells us how she explores private domestic life and its infrastructure in the framework of non-monogamous relationships. In architecture, community life is always present, but often coexistence is forgotten.

Fashion editorials


In the fashion editorials of this issue it’s necessary to pay particular attention to the feet. It’s a special sneakers, shoes that inspire different styles of dress. They are the postmaterialist object; more than complements, shoes are culture. The teams responsible for materializing this idea were 3: Miky Diaz and Patty Cereijo, Anthony Thiery and Javier de Juanas, Alberto Van Stokkum and Verónica Dichy.

Typography: Blaak

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