Portada de la revista Neo2 número 189 con foto de Álvaro de Luna
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 189 con foto de Vicco
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 189 con foto de Pol Granch
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 189 con foto de Maite Perroni
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 189 con foto de Laura Pausini

Neo2 189



In the midst of winter 2024, we present a scorching edition of Neo2 magazine, and it's already the 189th issue. This time, the covers feature five musical artists: Álvaro de Luna, Vicco, Laura Pausini, Pol Granch, and Maite Perroni (the latter two making a strong impact in the world of television and cinema). Beyond the striking content of these covers, the magazine's interior unfolds a visual extravaganza showcasing the latest in art, architecture, gastronomy, and more. With this issue, we also welcome a very special year in the history of Neo2. In 2024, this publication celebrates its 30th anniversary. Three decades have passed since the first issue was released in 1994. Since then, much has happened, and it's all captured in Neo2.

Pol Granch


A versatile artist who captivates both on stage and on the screen. With his latest cinematic success, "Disco, Ibiza, Locomía," this singer, songwriter, and actor elevates the artistic experience. In this issue, he unveils his more human side.



This space, spanning 466 m2, is located in the Chamartín neighborhood in Madrid. It is a restoration project that stands out not only for its exceptional interior design but also for its direct kitchen, local suppliers, and efficient energy management.

Álvaro de Luna


The master of melody lights up the music scene with his new single "Suerte ;)" — a joyous anthem that reveals his creative genius! Explore the sonic magic of this Spanish singer and composer through an extensive feature where he talks about his tour.

Maite Perroni


The eternal "Rebelde" of Latin music and cinema, this talented Mexican singer, actress, model, and presenter shares her experiences and new projects in an exquisite feature produced from Mexico.

Laia Estruch


We interviewed Catalan artist Laia Estruch (Barcelona, 1981), whose artistic practices rely on the body and scenic constructions to explore the voice as a sound sculpture.



Cruda, the natural wine bar-shop in Legazpi, Madrid, has undergone a radical transformation. Now, with a avant-garde and cosmic aesthetic, it promotes unique interactions with rituals based on wine.



She is the sensation of Spanish pop in 2023, and the best is yet to come. The Catalan singer, songwriter, and producer radiates talent and freshness. Her career is currently unstoppable, and she shares the journey from the beginning in an exclusive interview.

Fashion & Artists


Through fashion, this issue also introduces notable artists from the world of film and music. For instance, Portuguese actor José Condessa; Catalan actress and singer Nona Sobo; musician Rocío Saíz; actresses Paula Gallego and Stephanie Gil; actor Dario Yazbek, and more.



We are starting a series of reports on the next generation of Spanish architects, featuring a selection of practices where none of their founders are over 35 years old. Our first stop: Madrid.

Donatien Aubert


Aubert's creation is shaped by a variety of philosophical currents related to cybernetics, ecology, and captology. His work delves into the history of ideas and the beginnings of technology.

Laura Pausini


The Italian ballad diva invites us on an unforgettable musical journey. With over 75 million records sold since 1993, her legacy is imposing. Honored as Person of the Year at the Latin Grammys 2023, she shares insights into her new album in an exclusive feature.

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