Neo2 178 - portada de revista con foto del cantante Guitarricadelafuente

Nº 178



We present the first issue of spring 2022. An issue that is full of interesting interviews with some of the main references of contemporary culture in music, cinema, art, gastronomy, architecture, interior design and fashion. A number, 178, whose symbolic load tells us about abundance and the importance of sharing. And that's what we do, share all this inspiring content with you.

Alba de la Fuente


At just 27 years old, he has collaborated with Ricardo Bofill, Andrés Reisinger, Sabine Marcelis and Charlotte Taylor. He is part of a new generation of architects who have specialized in the conceptualization and visualization of imaginary architecture.

Lucy Orta


Lucy Orta began her career in the world of fashion and then channeled it towards the visual arts in 1991, that's when she met Jorge Orta, with whom she has collaborated ever since. With her artistic practice, which she defines as “architecture of the body”, she addresses the limits between architecture and the body, while exploring different identities and forms of cohabitation.



One of the most personal musical artists on the Spanish scene. His eclectic style combines contemporary sounds with influences from traditional folk music. He is now sharing his first album, La Cantera. And we dedicate a 16-page special to him, plus a cover, with looks that are a reflection of his art.

Rambla: A house and a climate


Rambla Climate-House lands in Molina de Segura (Murcia), the result of the collaboration between the architects Andrés Jaque and Miguel Mesa del Castillo. A contribution to the recovery of the biodiversity of the Murcian boulevards in the form of housing.

Anna Ehrenstein


We chat with Anna Ehrenstein, the interdisciplinary artist who works with different media and physical and virtual platforms. Her practice starts from a critique of the imperialist photographic legacy using print, video, installation, social moments or sculpture to create immersed spaces and reverberate the intersections and divergences between pop culture and high culture.

Sabrina Ratte


Canadian artist, Sabrina Ratté, tells us about her virtual worlds, her inspirations and her vision of ecology in an increasingly technological world on the eve of her first large-format solo exhibition at La Gâité Lyrique in Paris.

Rubén Ochandiano


Actor, writer, director... An important name on our scene that returns to the pages of Neo2 with many premieres and projects. Three films about to be released, a new shoot, plus the start of his first film as director. And for Neo2 he plays himself dressed as Dior Men.

BSP20 Contemporary Capsule


The BSP20 house, the work of the architect Raúl Sánchez, is a contemporary piece hidden in the chaotic layout of the historic neighborhood. A clear example of how to open new fields of freedom based on severe morphological restrictions

Gastro Interior Design


One of their latest works, the interior design of the Leña restaurant, has won the most important award at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2021. They are Óscar Engroba (Lugo, 1985) and AlaZreigat (Jordania, 1980), founders in 2018 in Barcelona by the Astet studio.



From Anthony Ramos to Guitarricadelafuente, also we have Ghouljaboy with his Dreamcore; Aleesha with La Patrona; Soledad Vélez with Visiones; the British Wet Leg; Israel Fernández with flamenco from the heart; alt-J with his fourth disk; Tremendous Pack with All the Same; Ptazeta with The Party; and Mestiza, the djs of the moment.



At a time when the problem of identity is a recurring theme in society, we present an editorial with Jénèva Leech, a model who graduated from Harvard College in Philosophy, complemented by studies on Women, Gender and Sexuality. Also interviews with Jessica Goicoechea and Magnane Studio.



With Rubén Ochandiano leading the section, we also interviewed Sergio Momo, Almudena Amor, Jorge Clemente, Daniela Santiago and Víctor Palmero. An impressive cast of actors and actresses who give visibility to all the diversity that we have in the Spanish scene.

Typography: Ilyas

Designed by Igor Maršićević