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We are not a communication media about the political reality, but it seems that creative mysticism has conspired so that the cover of this issue of Neo2 reflects the moment we live. On the one hand, our number 155 is published. We do not have to say the connotations that this figure has right now. And, on the other, the actress Paz Vega is the protagonist of this edition. Inevitably both elements, 155 and Paz  were to live together within the 27.5 by 21.5 centimeters that has our cover. Do you need more arguments to buy a copy of an issue that is already cult? If so, keep reading:

Neo Fashion


We highlight 4 new names in fashion in this issue: 3 of them moving in our Peninsula: Paloma Wool, Euphemio Fernández and Dominnico. And, in the antipodes, Strateas Carlucci from Australia. We also present in detail the collaborations between artists and luxury brands: Jeff Koons and Louis Vuitton; Dan Witz and Dior ... Even the relationship between musicians and fashion firms. And we focus on 2 important Spanish brands: Sweater House and Grimey.

Neo Housing


We highlight 3 new projects: García Germán Arquitectos studio: Desert City, a sustainable complex dedicated to xerophilous plants; also an aluminum carpentry work signed by Jorge Garaje; and a collaborative action between the company Faro Barcelona and the studio Goula / Figueroa that has just seen the light. We interviewed the Valencian studio Mut Design.

Paz Vega Special


We photograph and interview Paz Vega. An extensive report where, in addition to showing that she is an excellent model, the actress shares with us not only her latest film projects, but also talks about peace, interior and outlook, and her social concerns.

Neo Art


We present the latest installation by the Italian artist Monica Bonvicini where she relates architecture with sexuality, gender and power at Berlin's Berlin Galerie. We also anticipate the last great manifestation of art and sustainability: the Drap-Art festival in Barcelona.

Fashion Photography


We portray and interview young visionaries; we recreate the story of the Little Prince; we reflect the youngest male aesthetic; we fused 21st century women's fashion with international furniture of the 20th century; we highlight the most important outdoor trends for girls.

Neo Music


Interviews with the most important musicians who will spend these months in our country: Odette SP present their latest project under the name of Penny Necklace; The Horrors present their fifth album; Mount Kimble, the British duo presents their third album; Texan John Maus surprises us with his return to school.

Maio Architects


We talked about savoir faire in architecture with Maio, a studio located in Barcelona and formed in 2011 by María Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermos López and Anna Puigjaner. A collective that works in a specific and horizontal way in a hierarchical manner. In 2017 they were nominated for the Eumies Award for their project 110 Rooms.

Gastro Cans


The can is the latest foodie trend. High quality canned products are increasingly better positioned in the market, there are even numerous stores specialized in this culture on the rise. We collect everything in this report.

New Ceramics


In the article Panic Ceramic we talk about new ceramics that goes beyond craftsmanship through the work of great masters of this discipline, both of the XX and XXI centuries: Gu-mundur, Thoroddsen, Ron Nagle, Sterling Ruby, Malarko ...

Neo Cinema


We interviewed and photographed the main characters of the latest great success of Spanish cinema, La Llamada: Los Javis and Belén Cuesta. We also interviewed the Valencian filmmaker Adrián Silvestre for his first feature: Objetos Amorosos, a drama, between documentary and fiction, about Latin women who have emigrated to Europe.


Typography Black Pack Family Designed by Juanjo López

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