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In this 165 issue of Neo2 the key focus has been travel because, honestly... Who does not like to discover new places, trends, landscapes, gastronomy, architecture, or art? We have two of the coolest artist of the spanish music scene: Zoe Jeanneau, better known as La Zowi, is the trap singer who is rocking all charts. Brisa Fenoy has just released her latest single "Generación" and is preparing her first studio album. She considera herself a girl with a message and for that reason, for its art, and for its swag, we add her to the quarry of top artists recommended by Neo2. This 165 issue is going to burn this summer, so... What are you waiting to get your copies?

Get the best hairstyle Sebastian Professional


When we talk about capsule collections our mind goes straight to the textile sector… but, what about our hair? Sebastian Professional predicts future trends in hair styling and teaches us how to get them together with the most fashionable influencers in the Spanish scene. Oto Vans, Patricia Rezai, Adriana Roslin and Lara Arguedas represent this generation of young people who are willing to break a spear in favor of self expression.

Primavera Sound 2019


Primavera Sound has grown a lot in its 19 years of history. In the last edition there were 22 scenarios, no more, no less. We interviewed r.e.a.l on Your Heineken Stage. The duo tells us how it has been to perform at their first big festival. Isa and Sara formed the duo less than two years ago and have already performed in London, they have also played at Tomavistas festival in Madrid and, now, finally, it was time for Primavera Sound 2019. The Desperados Cube was the stage to cheers... for life, music, party and dance. Ylia, Laurel Halo... Steffi... Courtesy... were some of the DJs who started the track of the most electronic stage of PS2019.

La Zowi


Who was going to tell the Parisian Zoe Jeanneau that with only 26 years was going to be the reason of the new wave of the trap was established in Spain? She couldn’t eve imagine all this. However, now, with her mixtape, 'Ama de Casa', performing at Primavera Sound 2019, her son and a unique aesthetic behind hem, La Zowi has all the ballots to occupy his throne. Hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube, her own universe, her own language, the tipycal sentence when people talks about her "La Zowi is La Zowi" … all that and mutch more are the necessary ingredients to prove that this is just the beginning of the Zowi era, and that’s why she is one of our covers os our 165 issue.

Daniel Canogar


Daniel Canogar, has a career forged between the United States and Spain. He started learning photography in New York where he has also developed a good part of his projects. Over time, he has become an outstanding and recognized name in Spain for the disciplines in which he has specialized, media art and installation site specific . We connect and keep a great conversation very clear digital about progress, about screens, about Bauman, obsolete technological objects and ideal locations, technology and interaction.

Solo Houses


Solo Houses is, perhaps, the first architecture collection in Europe. Yes, an architecture collection. But not to put it at home. No. To build houses. With the freedom of the one who creates works of art. Secondary residences, imagined by a series of some of the greatest international architecture studios in an exceptional natural context. In this way, the landscape itself becomes the white cube, as the slogan of the gallery says (but let's not go ahead). Twelve projects, each one more amazing and unreal, from the geometric forest of Sou Fujimoto, luck of new age 2.0 cabin, to the species of bunker-mirador of ultra discharge of Go Hasegawa (called Villa Fringe) passing through the triangular UFO of the design studio TNA

Eating the world


Xabi Guitart promises not to leave a crumb after cooking with his favorite ingredient: true without additives, what feeds the most. He has been working in gastronomy for six years and this is the first time he has been in charge of something. He learned in Castroverde, in what was the old Lera. Three years there, three in Kabuki, two months in DiverXO and now he is in Hotel 7 Islas de Madrid. He said quietly that “He has not a súper good carreer.” but we remind him that he’s only 24 years old.

Fashion editorials


This 165 issue is about travelling… give yourself a whim and travel through the most transgressive and alternative fashion. Meet all the trends of the next season through the stories that tell us the styling of Javier de Juanas in Brno or the “suitcase fashion” of the editorial "A room with a multiview" captured by the camera of Alex Gallego. Also if you like "trash" fashion do not miss "Trashversal", with the photography of Biell Capnonch and Fermin & Gilles as stylists.

Brisa Fenoy


Gaditana, 27 years old, composer, producer, interpreter ... Although she prefers to define herself as “a music, cinema and social activitst. She has just released her last single, a new generation hymn titled "Generation". Right now she is preparing her first album, a project of which she is the owner and 100% lady, from the first letter to the last note. Unlike many of his contemporaries who are on the charts, Brisa does want to launch "messages that makes people aware". Listen to her and look at the amazyng editorial that we have done in collaboration with the artist Misterpiro.

Gabriel Rico


In our time full of images and (in)-communication, of utilitarian text and subliminal messages, Gabriel Rico faces what is perhaps one of the essential issues of today: language. And it does so, on the one hand, through mathematical equations that transforms into “cadáveres exquis” full of historical and cultural references - religion, consumption, everyday objects - and associations as successful as stimulating. We interviewed him at the Venice Biennial where he participates in the main exhibition, "May You Live in Interesting Times", curated by Ralph Rugoff.

Thinking in white


Pensando en blanco is a project capable of materializing the soul of spaces and brands based on 3 axes: Art Direction, Interior Architecture and Product Design. Aurora Polo and Borja Garmendia (founders) and their team, immerse themselves in the values of their clients and manage to endow them with an exquisite and differential tangibility from a refined integral perspective. Since 2006 and thanks to its capacity for multilanguage expression, they make the dreams of many brands, companies and individuals come true. Welcome to this universe thought in white, but made made in color.

Black Parties


Who has never dreamed about being a pop star and going on tour? Neo2 has finally made that dream come true. For a month we have been touring with the Blacklists of Sebastian Professional and Ghd, from the end of April to the end of May. We were partying in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao. An adventure in which Heineken and Desperados have came with us, 2 beers created to make people dance. We have already been telling you through social networks and the web, but we also want to leave evidence in print and interview some of the protagonists who put the soundtrack: Bea Pelea, Voodo Club, Dj Soak, Mosul Mosul, Solo Astra and Cariño.

Typography: Compagnon

Designed by: Juliette Duné, Léa Pradine, Valentin Papon, Chloé Lozano y Sébastien Riollier para Velvetyne


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