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We live in the times of hype, where everything is maximum trend even before going to market. The term itself has become a hype in our usual vocabulary. Its possible etymological origins say volumes about the world  we live. We can associate it with the Greek prefix hyper, superlative we often use for exaggerated purposes. Let ´s not forget that hyperbole is the preferred rhetorical figure of advertising and marketing. But hype can also have its origins in another Greek prefix, hypo, meaning "below", which connects it with the more narcotic and intravenous underground through the hypodermic needles. In fact, in the USA, the noun hype was used to refer to heroin addicts or morphine in the early Twentieth century, when it was still legal. And finally, the etymologists admit a third origin: hypocrisy, that is to say "to pretend qualities or feelings contrary to those who truly feel". And although the habit comes from the US, in the dictionary of the Spanish language we also have the verb "hipar" that is equivalent to "wanting and coveting with craving". We even have the expression “to cure sb´s hiccup", which means "to surprise someone". And the latter is what we want with each issue of Neo2.

Neo Housing


We launched Experimento, a new space in Madrid dedicated to industrial design and avant-garde architecture. Also we present the new collection of Angel Tausía´s lamps. And we flew to Gibraltar to the opening of the  intercontinental viewpoint  Skywalk of Arc Designs and Mayice studio from Madrid.

Neo Music


In this issue we interview the most powerful international bands, either because they come on tour in Spain or because they have an irresistible launch: Protomartyr and his post punk, the four London girls Goat Girls, the iconic Mogway of Glasgow, the combative North American band Dowtown Boys and the mythical Nic Offer by Chk Chk Chk.

Neo Fashion


Now in the national avant-gardes we highlight 3 young firms: Alex Henkes, Cles, Coligan. We also cross the pond to present you the most avant garde of Buenos Aires: Santiago Artemis. More consolidated, but equally advanced, we have the firm from Madrid 44Studio and the Italian Andrea Pompilio. In addition, a good overview of the first streetwear catwalk in Spain, Mad Cool Walk, the latest edition of Bread & Butter by Zalando ... and many more.

Neo Art


We have a dialogue between music and experimental art by María Forqué and Yegua. A premier such as the exhibition Being Modern, a collaboration between the MoMA and Louis Vuitton Foundation. Interviews with artists such as Coco Dávez and João Onofre, who has an exhibition now at the MAAT museum in Lisbon. And quirky projects like the one of Arts Coming, publisher of art at affordable prices.

Guillermo Santomá


We interviewed the young designer, architect and artist Guillermo Santomá, who besides showing us exclusively his next projects, talks about modernity ... "Being modern is almost an anti-modernity, because when you get to touch it, it disappears. And more now that everything happens so fast ... All the classics have been at the time extremely modern, contemporary and advanced. "

Neo Beauty


The rules are to skip them. That is what demonstrates the makeup and hairdresser Paca Navarro in one of the beauty editorials of this issue, where an eye shadow is able to become a lipstick, and vice versa. No matter how many tutorials you see, the makeup is ultimately creativity.

Pepo Salazar


This Spanish artist based in Paris is preparing a number of individual exhibitions, one for the Fair Paris Internationalle ; another for Joseph Tang Gallery; a project for Basel Miami with Sabot Gallery, an expo in the Museum of Den Haag; 2 collective in New York and Paris and negotiating another individual in Cologne. Not to mention the ones he just did. But we talked about that, and more.

Garbí House


The restoration of a beach house on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea is the latest project carried out by a young Spanish architecture firm created in 2011 by Ana García, Joan Cortés and Rubén F Berenguer. They are Nook Architectis and Garbí House is a clear example of their potential.

People and Things


At the last Furniture Fair in Milan we were so surprised with Enigma, the latest collection presented by the Spanish brand Sancal, that we thought we had to dedicate a few pages to Neo2 Print. And we did it by photographing some exclusive pieces with top models like Oscar Kindelan and Iana Leshukova, a perfect fusion of furniture and fashion.

Fashion Editorials


This time we went to Berlin to photograph the collection of young emerging designers from Germany. We have also traveled to La Alcarria to shoot the new men's fashion in the famous Lavender fields of Brihuega (Guadalajara). We stuck in a hotel in Madrid just a few days before they will renew their 70´S  interior decoration, and we simulate the life of a publisher in a fashion week . And like every year, we present the winning editorial of the fashion photography competition Neo2 Photo Shoot Contest in collaboration with 080 Fashion Barcelona.


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