Portada de la revista Neo2 número 191 con foto de chico y chica interactuando con dos taburetes
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 191 con foto de Daniel Grao
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 191 con foto de Elena Anaya
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 191 con foto de Maikel Delacalle
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 191 con foto de Nicole Wallace
Portada de la revista Neo2 número 191 con foto de Prince Royce




Neo2 celebrates its 30th anniversary with a spectacular spring-summer issue! Neo2, the Spanish magazine that has been a benchmark for creative trends for 30 years, reaches its 191st issue. This anniversary issue is packed with fresh and vibrant content to celebrate in style. In its 232 pages, you will immerse yourself in a universe of trends where music, gastronomy, furniture, cinema, fashion and beauty come together. Six exceptional covers reflect the diversity of this issue: from actresses Nicole Wallace and Elena Anaya to the talent of Daniel Grao and the music of Prince Royce and Maikel Delacalle. And the sixth cover pays homage to design with unique pieces of furniture. But this is just a taste. Neo2 191 invites you to discover the new creative currents that are transforming the Spanish-speaking world.

Emerging Cuisine


A gastronomic journey where we present young Spanish chefs. Selection criteria: a maximum age of 35 and having opened their own restaurant. Talents that stand out for their creativity and passion for cooking.

Daniel Grao


We are facing a great cinematic chameleon. Known for his versatility and ability to bring complex characters to life, the Spanish actor presents us in this special his most intimate side, while also talking about his challenging projects.

Nicole Wallace


The young actress conquers us with her talent and natural beauty in a photo shoot in New York, where Nicole gives us a deep and fresh look, demonstrating her charisma and versatility as an actress.

Venice Biennale


We review the best of the 2024 Venice Biennale, a major global event in contemporary art where art and politics converge like never before.

Prince Royce


He is one of the most important Latin musicians of the moment. He is the king of modern bachata, a title he has earned for his originality in fusing this genre with pop and R&B. A New Yorker from the Bronx with a Dominican heart.

Casa Montesa


This is the renovation and interior design of the latest project by the Madrid-based studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil. An old bungalow that was part of a hotel complex from the seventies, located by the San Juan reservoir.

Elena Anaya


A great muse of Spanish cinema, the actress once again graces the cover of Neo2. This time it is for one of her latest successes, the series Largas Sombras. Her impeccable career has made her one of the most beloved and respected actresses on the scene.



Neo2 becomes a cocktail shaker of talents, with interviews with: Darell, Paula Verdera, Roberto Rodríguez, Manuel Escuris, Maria Hein, Mira Paula, Gomez, Nusar3000, Joaquina, Anthony Godfather, Albert Adrià, Nina Emocional, Evade House, Trashi...

Maikel Delacalle


Singer and songwriter, he is responsible for the new wave of urban Canary Island music. His personal style revolutionized Spanish rap by mixing it with trap and flamenco. Without a doubt, this artist has created a school and continues to surprise with his vision.



Mayrit celebrates emerging talent in design, art, and architecture in Madrid. With events that challenge traditional norms, it features four exhibitions still open for visitors: Wet Dreams, Materia Computada, Espejito Espejito, and Mañano.

Back on 74


An editorial on furniture and fashion with nods to the 70s. Photos by Anatártica featuring furniture from B&B Italia, Expormim, Gandiablasco, Ondarreta, Sancal, Teulat, Vical, and Viccarbe.

Les Offrandes Oubliées


Dreamy and ethereal images capture the essence of this editorial, where fashion fuses with art to create a unique visual experience. A journey through imagination and creativity, where fashion becomes an ode to the magical and the inexplicable.

Robin Kid


We interviewed Robin Kid, an artist whose work challenges conventional norms and addresses the complexities of contemporary society.